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Fleeting Youth, Captured in YouTube Videos and Modeling Photos

Over the past few years, 319 Scholes gallery in Brooklyn has played host to a slew of excellent group shows collecting emerging artists working with the internet and digital technology. The space doesn’t usually host single projects — but their next exhibition will change that. Curated by art critic Gene McHugh, If I Die Young is an installation by artists Bunny Rogers and Filip Olszewski that appropriates videos and photographs from the internet to investigate the fleetingness of youth as caught through online artifacts.

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10 Pivotal Moments for Digital Art in 2012

2012 was a great year for digital art. As Tumblr rocketed over 25 million hits a month and Instagram became a new venue for creative expression, artists continued to traverse the internet’s sprawling landscape and confront us with the weirdness of our own experiences of virtual space. In this end-of-year roundup, I’ll look at ten events, moments, and trends that marked these past 12 months in digital art.

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Plugging Art into the Environment

The intertwined energies of art, technology, and environment were alive in Brooklyn on the night of Thursday, October 13. I was scheduled to speak at Hyperallergic HQ about the work I am doing with my Ecoarttech collaborative on social, political, environmental and media ecologies. When the first press release for the talk went out, a friend emailed me with an uncannily similar event happening nearby on the very same night: the opening for Ecologías Correlativas at 319 Scholes.