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Blessed Are the Makers: The Rise and Fall of 3rd Ward

The sudden collapse last week of art center and studio/co-working space 3rd Ward unceremoniously revealed the incompetence with which the company was managed and its frighteningly anemic cash flows. But the DIY conglomerate’s rise since 2006 brings up some altogether more challenging questions about the uneasy alliance between businessmen and the “creative communities” they cultivate.

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Tips for Artists Who Want to Sell, or Channeling Baldessari in Bushwick

It was a dark and stormy night. Last Thursday, I mean. In Brooklyn, anyway. A storm that brought the kind of hard, windy rain that makes you want to stay home and drink tea. But I didn’t. I snuck into the back of the exhibition space at 3rd Ward instead, sodden and dripping after jogging four blocks from the bus stop without an umbrella, to catch a panel discussion moderated by curator and gallery director Krista Saunders called “Intro to the NY Art World.”

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The Alternative Holiday Gift Guide

You know you’re going to spend money this holiday season even if it’s only a gift or two for friends, family or that special someone. So, why not spending money in a way that supports emerging galleries, craftspeople, artists, charities, or quality small businesses that are trying to do something different.

Here is our short guide to some ideas for creative and affordable gifts.