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A Report from #ArtsTech’s Social Media Art Panel

On Wednesday I attended “Social Media Week Edition: Social Media Art,” the newest in a series of Arts, Culture and Technology Meetups. These meetups, organized by Julia Kaganskiy, global editor for The Creators Project and co-director of Blue Box Gallery, are all about the potential for technology in and out of the art world.

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Performance Artist Censored and Banned on Ustream Because of Doll Nudity

Yesterday, performance artist Amber Hawk Swanson began her latest performance that was to feature the transformation of a life-sized sex doll of her likeness into a small replica of a bull orca at SeaWorld Orlando. Sure, the performance may sound out of the ordinary for veterans of the “there’s nothing I haven’t seen before” art world, but the artist, who was using the free Ustream livestreaming service, encountered an unexpected obstacle. Two hours into her performance, the online broadcast stopped and viewers where provided with a message that clearly states that the broadcaster was “banned due to violating terms of service.”