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Posted inArt

Oklahoma Zoo Transforms Their Animals into Artists

Sure, humans tend to be the most dexterous of the animals, with their fancy thumbs and articulated motor skills, but can any people artists be as adorable as Speedy the three-banded armadillo? Unlikely. The South American mammal, whose defining skill is curling into a ball, is one of the many creatures creating art at the Oklahoma City Zoo as part of their “Art Gone Wild” program that uses painting as an avenue of animal engagement.

Posted inArt

Old Bitch Captivates Bushwick

Tillie is not most artists for many reasons. For one, she is successful. She has had more than twenty solo exhibitions in Europe and United States alone. She has earned more than $100,000 dollars from sales of her work. The television media has invited Tillie to discuss her work on numerous occasions. She has appeared on Conan O’Brien, CBS News Sunday Morning, and Good Day New York, to name a few. She is a sensation.