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A Biennial for Every Woman

The elevator doors opened to reveal a series of photographs of naked women towering over me. Beat-heavy dance music blared from down the hall, mingled with strains of “I’m Every Woman.” I followed the sounds and the photos, past a corridor where dozens of people sat and stood mesmerized by videos, arriving at last at the suite marked #207.

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Armory Show 2014: Getting Better After Lackluster Years Past

This year’s Armory Show may have stopped the bleeding for an art fair that has suffered from years of lackluster energy and a major blow delivered by the Frieze New York art fair, which began two years ago on a bucolic urban island and in the far warmer month of May. But no one should count out the passion New York’s art world has for art souks, a place where collectors, art tourists, and dealers easily mingle and make deals.

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Independent, but Still an Art Fair

The Independent art fair was born out of a sprawling nonprofit project founded by dealer Elizabeth Dee. Called the X Initiative, it turned the former Chelsea home of the Dia Art Foundation into a yearlong hub of exhibitions, performance, conversations, and more, all with an alternative bent. As it was coming to a close, in early 2010, Dee announced plans for the Independent.