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FBI Amps Up Efforts for 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Art Theft

Today, the FBI announced that they have identified possible suspects in the shocking 1990 Isabella Gardner Stewart Museum heist of $500m worth of art, including three works by Rembrant, Vermeer’s “The Concert” (1658–1660), Govaert Flinck’s “Landscape with an Obelisk” (1638), five works by Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet’s “Chez Tortoni” (1878–1880), and a historic Chinese beaker (1200–1100 BCE).

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Cy Twombly’s Estate Accused of Overvaluation and Mismanagement

Artists’ estates have their jobs cut out for them. The organizations have to manage artists’ legacies, watching out for forgeries, validating works, and preserving their reputation while organizing the physical detritus artists inevitably leave behind — collections, unfinished works, studios, and homes. As the New York Times reports, painter Cy Twombly’s estate has run into some financial troubles as its board members have been accused of misappropriating funds.

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Miami Pastor Indicted after Sending Fake Damien Hirst Paintings to Sotheby’s

Damien Hirst’s Spot and Spin series of paintings might look like endless repetitions of the same thing, but, unfortunately for one Miami pastor, it’s still possible to tell a real from a fake. Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance has indicted Kevin Sutherland on charges of attempted grand larceny for claiming that his “limited edition” Damien Hirst artworks and prints were real when they were decidedly not.

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Artist Prepares to Sue High Line Over Alleged Assault

The artist who claims that he was attacked by a maintenance employee on the High Line last month is planning to sue over the incident. Iddi Amadu, an immigrant from Ghana who sells his art on the High Line, is bringing a suit against Friends of the High Line, the organization that runs the park, as well as the city and the Parks Department, in the hopes of being compensated for his injuries and destroyed artwork, DNAinfo reports.

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Park Employee Assaults Art Vendor on the High Line

The High Line has a reputation for being an artsy park, located as it is partly in the Chelsea gallery neighborhood, with rotating art exhibitions and sculpture and video installations. But apparently the park isn’t quite as arts-friendly as it would have us believe: a week and a half ago, an art vendor on the High Line was attacked by a maintenance worker. The park employee hit the vendor in the face with a walkie-talkie, leaving him in need of an ambulance and stitches.

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Street Art Isn’t a Crime Until Somebody Steals It: Banksy in Miami

I’m finding it a little hard to feel upset at the Banksy “exhibition” that was on display in Art Miami and its sister fair Context this past week. Others have found reasons to boycott the affair, and Marc and Sara Schiller, two street art aficionados I respect, wrote on Wooster Collective that they are calling out the Miami Art Fair for letting all this happen: “Knowing that Banksy has condemned the show, they could have easily rejected the exhibition and not legitimized the stolen artwork. But they didn’t. And this tells you a lot about what their motivations are.”

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Red in Yellow: The Rothko Vandal Makes His Marx

On October 8th, a homeless Russian émigré named Vladimir Umanets defaced a Rothko painting hanging in the Tate Modern in London with his name, the year, and the following fragment: A POTENTIAL PIECE OF YELLOWISM. “Black and Maroon” (1958), originally sporting a signature Rothko black rectangle on a signature Rothko maroon field, is valued at around 50 million pounds. The values of Yellowism are a little harder to get a hold of, though there is a Manifesto online, which outlines the aims of the movement with statements that are either obscure or silly, such as: “Every piece of Yellowism is only about yellow and nothing more. … ” and “Interpreting Yellowism as art or being about something other than just yellow deprives Yellowism of its purpose.”