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Required Reading

This week on Required Reading … Thornton Dial is getting ready for a major show in Indianapolis, Spy magazine is posted online by Google, thinking about animated GIFs as art, is the US military creating a fake online “army,” visualizing art thefts, Linda Benglis profiled in the New York Times

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Salander’s “Blameless” Victims?

The Washington Post, always the voice for the powerful, connected, and well-moneyed, has an article on the victims of art dealer Lawrence Salander. They’ve tracked down Earl Davis, the son of American modern master Stuart Davis, some psychiatrist whose father’s collection was entrusted to the dealer, and a few others.

What the Post “reports” is a tale of blameless victims taken advantage of by the big bad Salander. And trust me, I don’t have any affection for the bigwig dealer turned con man, but there are some questions that the Post doesn’t ask …