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The Art Kids Are Not Alright

Jerry Saltz is like the art world’s hip uncle. But is he getting too curmudgeonly to hang with the kids? In the critic’s recent New York Magazine essay, Saltz calls young artists “Generation Blank” for being not original enough and too digestible by critics — cliche. Meanwhile, other art youth compare GIF size.

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Surviving the 2011 NY Art Fairs

We’re very happy to have partnered with 20×200 and Art Fag City to create the most useful guide (if I do say so myself) of this week’s events titled “Art Fag City & Hyperallergic Present the Very Excellent Event Guide to New York Art Fair Week” (sneak peak) for their very excellent survival kit. Inside our contribution to the schwag bag are listings for tourists, residents and city natives of what to do to augment your art experience in New York. Whether it’s off-the-beaten path performance festivals, culinary artist events or lectures with people in the know, this is your go-to guide.

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Get Ready for The Sound of Art This Thurs, “Brooklyn Sounds More DIY”

Ever caught yourself thinking about what an art space sounds like rather than what it looks like? Perhaps provoked by artists who use sound as their medium or the cavernous qualities of the space art usually inhabits, Paddy Johnson of ArtFagCity fame has put together an LP that documents “the last five years of art in the city” through recordings of gallery spaces, collected audio ephemera, and even some guitar thrown in for good measure. The album’s opening party kicks off this Thursday for eight straight hours of remixes by an assortment of bands and artists at Santos’ Party House from 7pm to 3am. See below for the juicy details, plus a Q+A with the brains behind the LP.

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We’re One Year Old!

Last Thursday, marked the first anniversary of Hyperallergic and I wanted to take a moment to reflect on our inaugural year.

When Veken and I started Hyperallergic we planned for it to be a venue for insightful, funny, and relevant writing about art that we wanted to read and look at, while remaining critical and engaged. One year later, we’re excited by how things have developed and grown. Along the way we’ve learned a great deal and we continue to discover how to engage the online art community in new and exciting ways.

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Evolving Rules: When Bloggers Battle (Paddy Johnson vs. Marc Schiller)

At times, the blogosphere can feel like a miniaturized version of academia. With so many voices competing over authority and pulling readers this way and that, fights are bound to break out. Just like any serious punditry, bloggers have healthy disagreements over what they cover as well as how they cover it — the etiquette of the developing world of online media. The recent spat between online art world figures Marc Schiller and Paddy Johnson is a perfect case study.