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Art, Tech, and Gentrification in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — As fleets of shuttle buses take employees to their respective Silicon Valley campuses, resentment and tension grows in the Bay Area. Last week, protesters blocked one such Google bus in an effort to draw attention to the widening gap between the technology industry and the communities it affects; a union organizer impersonated a tech worker to incite dialogue through performative gesture.

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Subscribe to Art Practical’s Mail Art Series

What’s better than looking at art? Having it arrive on your doorstep!

In honor of Art Practical’s fiftieth issue, “Printed Matter,” we invite you to subscribe to the Art Practical Mail Art Subscription series. As a subscriber you will receive works of art as correspondence from each of six artists, starting in March 2012.

Each artist will explore and respond to Art Practical’s archive in a form of their choosing—a text, letter, photograph, drawing, etc.—which you will receive in the mail, once a month for six months. The articles the artists respond to are catalysts for the correspondence, an idea expressed by the writer that prompts reflection, retort, or inquiry in one direction or another. And they encourage subscribers to reply in turn, via a postcard enclosed with each piece of mail art.

The subscription will be produced in a limited edition of 150 prints for each artist; subscribers will receive a print, a copy of the original article, and a return postcard once a month for six months, for a total of six installments of Mail Art.