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Artist Exchange: In Conversation with Craig Olson

Craig Olson’s exhibition Angels and Demons at Play opens today at John Davis Gallery in Hudson, New York. Angels and Demons, along with his October 2012 exhibition at Janet Kurnatowski, signals the shift in Olson’s work away from a more formal abstract painting toward a mercurial approach that hovers between categories and defies explanation.

Posted inArt

Fiercely Independent Abstraction for Idiots

Janet Kurnatowski has run her gallery out of the ground floor of 205 Norman Ave. for the last seven years. There is something both welcoming and powerful about her modest space. The finished plywood and low ceiling are a welcome environment; a spacious hobbit hole for art. The owner’s earthy dedication to her craft seems to radiate throughout the space. The current exhibition Idiot’s Delight was curated by Craig Olson, one of the gallery’s artists. The exhibition is a love poem of sorts, an ode to those who spend their days in the studio. Old skool Brooklyn artists like Jim Clark and Chris Martin hang their work proudly next to young up-and-comers like Elisa Soliven. The resulting installation is less about a unified aesthetic than a kind of rugged independence.