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Following Child Indecency Convictions, Artist’s Work Removed from Tate

Art museums are known to show and uphold some artists whose work continually incites controversy, among them Robert Mapplethorpe and Chris Ofili. But when does art become too controversial for a museum to openly support or display it? The artist Graham Ovenden, who became famous in the U.K. in the 1970s for his prints and photographs, has had his work removed from the Tate’s website and print and drawing department following his conviction for six charges of indecency with a child and one of indecent assault.

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“Cadillac Ranch” Patron Being Painted as Art World Jerry Sandusky

You might have heard of the installation before — “Cadillac Ranch” is a sculpture by artist collective Ant Farm composed of 10 vintage Cadillac cars upended into the desert in the Texas panhandle — but now the artwork is in the press for something much more sinister than grand theft auto. The sculpture’s 74-year-old patron, Stanley Marsh 3 (he prefers the number to III), is the target of lawsuits alleging he sexually abused teenage boys in return for money, cars, and intoxicants.

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Crocheting Street Artist Olek Facing Charges in London, But Details Still Unclear

News has been bubbling about yarn-bombing sensation Olek’s recent legal troubles in London, but the situation still remains unclear. On Sunday, December 11, the artist sent out a Facebook message to a few friends, claiming that she will spend the holiday season “fighting for her freedom” and directing them to the site Olek’s Appeal for further details. Cat Weaver, who has worked with Olek, and is a Hyperallergic contributor and blogger at The Art Machine, confirmed the news with Olek over Skype and posted the FB message as well as a statement from Olek’s lawyer, Paul Morris, that provides some clues as to what the artist is facing …

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This Week In Lawsuits: SpongeBob’s (Not So) Nautical Nonsense

Former SpongeBob SquarePants lead artist Todd White’s slick website includes a section where you can keep abreast of “what’s going on in Todd’s fast-moving world”; currently, it includes clips about his various media appearances, side projects and celebrity [sic] endorsements. What you won’t find, however, is news about a curious series of back-and-worth lawsuits he’s involved in this month.