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Is the Dachshund UN More than Just a Silly and Highly Enjoyable Farce?

If you can possibly get over the adorable thing that is happening in this photo, let’s think about why exactly a bunch of cute dachshunds acting as 36 dog delegates in a replica United Nations assembly on Human Rights might be successful as a sort of experimental theatre. Australian artist Bennett Miller’s “Dachshund UN” opened yesterday in Toronto as part of the Harbourfront Centre’s 2013 World Stage performances, with a replica of the forum in Geneva as a stage for the organic chaos of the canine crowd. There is barking and biting and sometimes lunging attempts at small fights (don’t worry, the dogs are leashed and the owners hidden away nearby to keep things from getting too feral).

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Ten Twitter Personalities Worth a Year-End Look

Sometimes, the internet is boring. It’s a tough truth to bear, but it is true nonetheless, and I deal with that fact when it rears its ugly head. But what brightens up those dreary internet days for me aren’t just the websites I check out for news and info, they’re the personalities that I rely on to get that info to me: their senses of humor, senses of the surreal and their ability to hand-pick and hand present stuff that I want to see. Here are ten Twitter personalities that I love hearing from, and I think you should check out for the New Year, and beyond.