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A Few Good Interns … Fall 2010

This summer we’ve been lucky to have three amazing interns who spent the summer letting me take them out for lunch while we worked together to throw events, plan and execute a blogging schedule, and talk about ideas, writing, art, and social issues. They each wow’d me with their enthusiasm and creativity to find how they could get the most out of their summer but it’s time for the APPLICATIONS FOR FALL 2010.

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Hyperallergic TV’s Reactor Podcast: Discussing PS1’s “Greater New York”

Today, we are launching our first Reactor podcast with a critical discussion of PS1’s Greater New York 2010 exhibition. Hosted by Hyperallergic editor Hrag Vartanian, the podcast features Paddy Johnson of Art Fag City, artist/critic William Powhida, as well as, Liza Eliano of Art Fag City, Holly Gover of Hyperallergic, and Warren King, who is currently interning with Powhida.