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The Painter, the Matador, and the Bull

The taking of an idea and slightly altering it, over and over again, can often be more interesting than the executed initial idea itself, as anyone who has ever listened to, say, a Philip Glass opera or seen the current process-oriented Matisse exhibition at the Met can appreciate. Over at the Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, painter Eddie Martinez is experimenting with this idea in an installation of his Matador paintings where a grouping of abstract forms occurs over and over again with messy alterations. Martinez made them all in one long, self-imposed studio struggle, with five paintings from the series of ten shown in the gallery.

Posted inArt

10 Underrated Artists From Brooklyn

Editor’s Note: We asked critic Howard Hurst to provide us with 10 Brooklyn artists he considers underrated. Here is his selection.

Ok, so it’s the middle of August. The art world has, as per usual, largely checked out for the month. What this means is that there are tons of smaller projects that get to claim part of the spotlight. While Chelsea may be asleep, I’ve always find that the end of the summer presents itself as a golden nugget of opportunity for lesser known artists and curators to take over unoccupied gallery spaces, and to garner publicity usually hogged by larger commercial galleries. In this spirit, and to help pass the hot summer hours, here is a list of my top 10 under rated Brooklyn artists presented in no particular order.