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Posted inArt

Bidding on Oblivion

On Election Day, The New York Times featured an above-the-fold story in its Arts section about the fate of fake art as the country was deciding the fate of a fake politician. The article was illustrated by a tiny, smudged color reproduction of, as the caption states, a “disputed Jackson Pollock that a Manhattan gallery sold for $17 million.”

Posted inOpinion

Obamariffic Victory GIFs, Photos, and Memes

After what had been seen as a tight race, nail-biting election returns, and an interminable wait period for Mitt Romney to actually concede (and for Barack Obama to come out and give a victory speech), we finally have a confirmed president for the next four years. Here’s what Obama’s win looked like in photos, GIFs, and memes that lit up the internet late last night.