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“Duke Fuck List” vs. Tracey Emin

When a female Duke student’s “fuck list” went viral, the entire online world was exposed to her in-depth list of male conquests, a powerpoint presentation of sex that was less sexy than academic. Framed as “thesis research,” the document is so detailed that it actually reads more like research than fun at points.

As a symptom of our always-online generation and the culture of omnipresent social media, the list is another example of oversharing, aptly summed up by as “providing more personal information than is absolutely necessary. Typically done when two or more people are conversing and details of one’s sexual life creep into the discussion.” This immediately sounded familiar. A certain Young British Artist came to mind.

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Refresh: The Antidote to Art World Illiteracy

Leon Neyfakh is best known as a reporter for the New York Observer, and his beat is everything from Brooklyn’s indie music scene to uptown art world intrigue. What many people may not know is that he’s much bigger online … ok, not much bigger but definitely cooler than an Observer byline would suggest. For those who live in Tumblr-land, Neyfrakh’s tumblelog Leon Crawl is full of quips, interesting links, and observations about what he’s reading/listening to/watching. And if you know that, then you probably know that he’s also the host of a great new literary series, Refresh, which welcomes the internet famous to spill their guts about whatever netizens vomit out of their mouths or via their fingers.