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Experimental iPhone App Lets You Paint Light With Noise

It’s no secret New York City is noisy, from subway platforms where readings have been recorded over 100 decibels to the construction zones constantly tearing down and redeveloping all over the five boroughs. Yet when I was walking around and experimenting with artist Dylan Römer’s new iOS app Sonograph, the abundance of noise became even more apparent. The app uses the iPhone or iPad to record video, or just a photograph, that is then distorted based on the sound coming into the microphone, letting you “paint light with noise.”

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Spinning Art with an iPad App

LOS ANGELES — Circles are endemic to the art world. Who you place in your circle — and who places you in theirs — is an act of social currency, particularly important in a world often run by social relations. But circles are also beautiful, forming iconic architecture like the Guggenheim in New York, religious imagery like Tibetan mandalas, and, of course, Kandinsky’s famous circles.

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LACMA Lets You Play Exquisite Corpse on Your iPhone

LOS ANGELES — Just a day after I reviewed LACMA’s In Wonderland exhibition of surrealist female artists, I came across their new app. Designed by media artist Jody Zellen, Art Swipe starts you off with 16 images from the show. The images are cut in three and arranged with others on the screen, allowing you simply to slide the images until you find a mash-up you like.

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New iPad App Makes Sketching Social

MANILA, Philippines — For years now, artists and designers have had blogs and social media to give the general public access to their studios and lives. But what if you could peek into artists’ very thought processes? What if you could see their sketches evolve day by day, before they’re actualized into stunning installations?

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3 iPad Apps Recreate the Museum Experience…Almost

MANILA, Philippines — Over the past few months, I’ve watched with envy as stunning museum shows have gone up in my old haunts in Los Angeles and New York. Thankfully, in recent months three museums have released exhibition-related apps for the iPad and iPhone. To see how they stack up, I reviewed three apps (CA Design HD at LACMA, AB EX at MoMA, Cattelan at Guggenheim) in their iPad incarnations. Here are my thoughts.