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A New Way to Create Shareable, Collaborative Digital Zines

When it comes to sharing content online, we’re spoiled by choice. You can post pictures to your Tumblr or Facebook, videos to YouTube or Vine, and words to … pretty much anything. But what those formats lack is a way to control the narrative of what you post. The Facebook photo album, it should be said, lacks something in novelistic drama. Thankfully, there’s a new app that makes turning your images into digital magazines easier than ever.

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There’s an Emoji for That

CHICAGO — Instead of saying to yourself, “There’s an app for that,” repeat after me: “There’s an emoji for that.” In our technology-inundated world of constantly being glued to the glowing screens of our iPhones and Androids, more apps are not the answer to our first-world problems. What we need is more communication. What we need, in other words, is more emoji.

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Apple’s iPhone 5 and Getting Angry at Planned Obsolescence

At their hyped-as-ever product launch yesterday, Apple announced the iPhone 5, a new version of the classic that’s longer, thinner, and lighter. The new phone is four inches long (adding 176 pixels to the height of the display), has a faster internet connection, and a better processor. So why do I feel like we’re constantly getting short shrift as consumers with technology updates like this?

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Required Reading

This week’s Required Reading explores the restoration of earthquake-damaged Haitian murals, an archeological mystery in West Asia, the 18th C toilette tradition, Genesis Breyer P-Orridge on pandrogeny, connecting the dots on Mona Lisa, the Banksy app, the year’s worst first sentences, cool iPhone cases and even Death has a generational divide.