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Posted inArt

Louis Vuitton Spots New Japanese Artist, Same Old Accessories Expected

I find it exciting when fine art fuses with fashion, and Louis Vuitton’s recently announced collaboration with Yayoi Kusama may produce some spectacularly spotted goods. Interestingly, this pairing coincided with former LV collaborator Takashi Murakami’s newly unveiled installation at Qatar Museums Authority, which witnessed a departure from the Japanese artist’s signature Superflat subject matter.

Posted inArt

The Artist Behind the Light Installation at Tribeca Issey Miyake

Grimanesa Amorós’s work has always been a little too big — literally and conceptually speaking — to be confined within the barriers of a gallery. Her light sculptures have encroached upon the streets of New York City, encountering passersby, mesmerizing them with paper sculptures and the translucent spheres for which she has become known. Though Tribeca Issey Miyake is hardly a vast, open space typical of interventionist art, in her new installation at the Japanese designer’s boutique the sculptures certainly confront new viewers and easily mixes fashion and fine art.