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Posted inArt

The Painter, the Matador, and the Bull

The taking of an idea and slightly altering it, over and over again, can often be more interesting than the executed initial idea itself, as anyone who has ever listened to, say, a Philip Glass opera or seen the current process-oriented Matisse exhibition at the Met can appreciate. Over at the Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, painter Eddie Martinez is experimenting with this idea in an installation of his Matador paintings where a grouping of abstract forms occurs over and over again with messy alterations. Martinez made them all in one long, self-imposed studio struggle, with five paintings from the series of ten shown in the gallery.

Posted inArt

The Plastic Bag as Artistic Muse

In Patrick Griffin’s recent exhibition at The Journal Gallery in Williamsburg, Common Courtesy, he focused on an unusual subject matter: the plastic bag. If you live in a major city then you are more than familiar with these little guys; they accumulate under your sink, get stuck in that storm drain you always walk by on your way to work and blow urban tumbleweeds across the street at all hours of the day and night. Though the artist’s focus is playful and somewhat off kilter, his approach to this body of work seems almost scientific. Griffin collected, catalogued and scanned an army of plastic bags into the computer. Using this databank as his starting point, the artist made paintings directly from the two dimensional planes of these photographs.