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Are “Farmscrapers” the Future of Sustainable Architecture?

One of the advantages of living in a city is that the urban environment is in many ways more sustainable than suburbia — mass transit provides easy access to different areas without cars or highways, and dense planning efficiently fits more people into less space. But the quintessential architectural unit of the city, the skyscraper, isn’t always the greenest method of building. Enter “farmscrapers,” a new creation by the France and Belgium-based firm Vincent Callebaut Architects.

Posted inOpinion

Inside the Studio of China’s Rebel Architect

Ma Yansong is the man behind MAD Architects, a Chinese studio that has made some of the most provocative buildings and structural proposals of the post-2000s. In a new video profile by Creators Project, Ma speaks to his design philosophy, and we get a sneak peek inside his Beijing studio, a natural, airy space at odds with the city’s chaos.