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Domesticity as Subversion at Miami Art Basel

MIAMI — This morning the mother of all Miami art fairs, Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), opened its doors for a press and VIP preview. Although it was pretty crowded for a preview day, the fair also felt calm and subdued. And the art matched the tone: much of what was on view seemed safe — tried and true artists whose work might amuse, arouse, or provoke, but not offend.

As I wandered around, though, I remembered that quiet isn’t necessarily a bad thing: it can create a space for humor or contemplation. And scattered throughout the fair I found a good number of artworks that embraced that space by way of domesticity.

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A Mother-Son “Nerd Bag” Sweatshop at Art Basel Miami Beach

MIAMI — Including your mother in an art fair installation might seem like an odd way to get back at your parents, but for Japanese artist Atsushi Kaga it makes perfect sense. At Dublin gallery mother’s tankstation’s Art Basel Miami Beach booth, part of the Art Positions solo-show section of the fair, Kaga and his mom are perched at sewing and gluing craft stations, painstakingly constructing a collection of quirky, handmade bags on sale to fairgoers for a mere $50.

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A Quick Guide to Miami’s Art Fair Week

MIAMI — It’s that time of year when the art world converges on the most Latin big city in America, Miami, for the annual art pilgrimage that attracts tens of thousands of art fiends. And today it symbolically begins with the opening of the Art Basel Miami Beach, the mothership of Florida art fairs. Here are some links and events you should know about.

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How to See Art in Miami

Last week, I received an email plea. Someone in the art world was headed down to Miami this week, and she was feeling overwhelmed already. She wanted help figuring out how to manage her attention, and how to actually find some good art hiding in the hundreds of gallery booths she would inevitably wander through.

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Art Miami Debuts CONTEXT sister fair and Unveils “Sugar and Gomorrah” Carnival Ride

Now in its 23rd year as the anchor art fair for the city of Miami, Art Miami, the premiere international contemporary and modern art fair, continues to respond to the interests of serious collectors and this year will debut CONTEXT Art Miami, its new sister art fair featuring emerging and cutting edge artists.

While Art Miami will continue to present the most important contemporary and modern artworks from over 125 of the world’s most prominent art galleries, its inaugural sister fair, CONTEXT Art Miami, will highlight works by emerging and mid-career cutting-edge artists from 65 hand-selected galleries.