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A New Media Festival Thrives in Belgrade

Sometimes art events bloom in the places you least expect it. Resonate, a new media and technology art festival in Belgrade, Serbia, hits its second outing in 2013, and along with a new website and fresh ventures, it’s looking to be a consistently powerful presence. I interviewed creative director Filip Visnjic about what he hopes to do with Resonate 2013.

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Santa Fe Grows Its New Media Festival

SANTA FE, New Mexico — Two weekends ago, I had the privilege of visiting and speaking at Currents, Santa Fe’s annual festival of new media art. Situated in the Railyard district, a growing gallery community that hosts SITE Santa Fe, Zane Bennett Contemporary and others, the majority of the festival takes place at El Museo Cultural, a large warehouse space focused on Hispanic art but also host to a number of city events.

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Cory Arcangel and Pierre Bismuth Tag Team in Soho

When I walked into Team Gallery this week to see their current exhibition, Cory Arcangel vs. Pierre Bismuth my gut reaction was annoyance. The exhibition presents three works by each artist. Though Arcangel’s rise to fame has come somewhat immediately and unexpectedly, as a kind of young hip digital concept artist Pierre Bismuth’s 20-year career is equally concerned with technology and media. The result is seamless and startling to an admittedly backwards curmudgeon like me.