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14 Portraits Of Post-Warhol Fame

Andy Warhol’s death left us wondering how the quintessential Pop artist would have reacted, or shaped, a society that fulfilled his prophesy of universal, albeit short-lived, fame. But aside from wondering what the artist would have thought of Rebecca Black, his passing left a hole in New York City Nightlife. Thomas Kiedrowski’s new book “Andy Warhol’s New York City” and a series of new “screen tests” by Conrad Ventur speak to the nostalgia this generation feels for the days of Superstars and silver clouds.

Posted inArt

NY Museum Embraces the Art of Clubbing

Could your next bar night actually be an art night? THE FUN Fellowship, a new initiative by New York City’s Museum of Arts and Design (MAD), promotes nightlife to the status of art. From the creation of a shared artistic community to the breakdown of social boundaries that comes with an excess of substances and music, urban nightlife is an established cauldron of creativity. Yet New York City’s artistic institutions have lost touch with nightlife practitioners, says FUN curator and MAD manager of Public Programs, Jake Yuzna. THE FUN Fellowship, granted to four artists or art collectives annually, is a way to remedy that disconnection and support the nightlife community.