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Some Signs from Day 11 of #OccupyLA

LOS ANGELES — It’s Tuesday, Day 11, and the honeymoon period for Occupy LA seems to have ended. There is much spirited debate about what actions to take and disagreements over how the General Assembly should facilitate discussions. Occupiers who have been around since the beginning are restless from the movement’s week-long dithering while news of conflicts with police in Boston, Seattle and elsewhere have made emotions run high among protesters. Still, the occupation is now 269 tents strong and the amount of creative dissent increases everyday.

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#OccupyWallStreet’s Art Exhibition: Celebration and Harsh Realities [UPDATED]

This Saturday I visited No Comment, an art exhibition in response to Occupy Wall Street at the historic JP Morgan Building. the general vibe of “No Comment” perfectly captured what has been growing in Zuccotti Park and is now spreading across the country. Even though most of the works were laden with the struggles of the 99%, there was also a strong sense of community and celebration among visitors.

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The Evolving World of #OccupyLA

LOS ANGELES — I returned to Occupy LA on Thursday night and discovered double the amount of people since I visited on Tuesday. Tents spanned across the entire span of the north and west lawns, many spilling out onto the sidewalk. In addition to media and first aid, occupiers had set up a lending library and press table for others to check out books and magazines. Occupy LA braces for big things as it expands its numbers and operations.

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Before Occupy Wall Street, Artforum Remembers There Was Asco

Usually associated with long-winded art historical articles and page after page of gallery ads, Artforum made an unexpected but exciting move in their October issue by placing Asco, a politically radical Chicano artist collective from the 1970s on the cover. Perhaps igniting a real art historical interest in Asco, Artforum highlights Asco’s merging of art and protest, which could directly inspire Occupy Wall Street (and now, other cities)’s own art and culture committee.

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#OccupyWallStreet Journal Map Calls Mark di Suvero’s “Joie de Vivre” Weird

Liza Eliano and I stopped by Occupy Wall Street yesterday and we picked up a copy of the first edition of the Occupied Wall Street Journal. A four-page broadsheet, the back had a funny map marking that made us laugh out loud. “Art / Signs” are marked with a ♥ but Abstract Expressionist sculptor Mark di Suvero’s “Joie de Vivre” (2006?) is marked with the term “Weird Red Thing” — LOL!

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Signs from Day 19 of #OccupyWallStreet

We’ve been documenting the signs at Occupy Wall Street for the last few weeks and each time we visit there’s a new batch, few are ever the same. It is a very physical manifestation of the protests. As people drop by, paint or leave signs and then proceed on their merry way, it is their words or images that remain and we feel like voices even if only for a moment.

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Art Activism Takes Root at #OccupyLA

LOS ANGELES — Four days into #OccupyLA, a small community is growing near the steps of Los Angeles City Hall, where protesters have set up camp. The site contains first aid and media tents as well as stages for performers and speakers. In the afternoon, some protesters screenprinted clothing while others worked on paintings for a public gallery. The scene in Los Angeles is a flurry of activity with artists working together to build a more visible movement.