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The Infantile World of Paul McCarthy

The Seventh Regiment Armory, constructed at the end of the 19th century, was and remains the only such military structure funded by private monies, a final excess of the Gilded Age. It’s easy to read an obscene vulgarity into the opulence of its architecture, though we are reminded that it was meant to house the first volunteer militia responding to Abraham Lincoln’s call to arms twenty years earlier; it’s a spiritual birthplace of the Union Army. Out of noble purpose many excesses are forgiven.

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The Gagosian Gallery Email the Art World Can’t Get Enough Of

We all know that Gagosian Gallery is the Death Star of the art world. They are perceived as the enemy of any art-loving person who doesn’t want to think about dollar signs with their art, well, unless they’re silkscreened by Warhol on canvas. And now The New York Times‘ Randy Kennedy has done us all a great service by discovering that … well, I’ll let him tell you …