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The Multiple Realities and Other Worlds of Art

Press releases for exhibitions deserve their bad reputation. They’re usually as boring as wallpaper, and they all use the same bromide phrases with the word “ubiquitous” thrown in at least once for good measure. But, then, proving there’s always an exception, I came across a release for the inaugural show at Fridman Gallery, The World and Its Things in the Middle of Their Intimacy.

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Are Residencies Relevant? An Exploration in Nature

Often the role of an artist is simply to disrupt and create a perceptual shift. This past April, I was invited to participate in a residency program where the studios were on the outskirts of a small town, scattered among a forest. The residency promoted its relationship between artists, nature and quiet contemplation. Upon arrival, I was confronted with this somewhat contrived environment, but also with performance artist Jordan McKenzie.

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There is No Public Space

Sarah makes small matchbook sculptures that are designed to be left in public spaces. They are intimate art works that are part of the ritual of her practice. She believes in the words of Margaret Meade, who said, “When justice is lost, we have ritual. We need more ritual in our daily lives.”