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Posted inArt

Want Bliss? Here’s How to Get It!

An exhilarating summer group show at Greenpoint’s Rawson Projects mightily tackles this euphoria-craving aspect of the human condition. With the name Self Help, the viewer is invited to ponder the various ways we can help ourselves unlock that rush of good feelings within our own minds.

Posted inArt

Always Social: Social Media Art (2004-2008), Part One

Some time in 2004, I logged onto Facebook for the very first time. My alma mater was one of the few allowed coveted access to the Harvard-originated social network. I filled out a profile, uploaded a picture and began adding friends. A coast away, Tim O’Reilly coined the term “Web 2.0” … Computers and the Internet, after decades of association with nerds and misfits, were on the brink of mainstream cool.