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Tom Otterness Explains His Public Subway Art

Every wondered what the story was behind those bronze sculptures populating the 8th Ave/14th St ACE subway station? In this video, their creator, Tom Otterness, explains that he took the imagery for the sculptures from Gilded Age political cartoons. Too bad the artist is currently in some political hot water himself.

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How the Sun Sets in Google Images

Can a sunset be crowd-sourced? Artist Jasper Elings has done just that with “Sharing a Beautiful Sunset” (2009), a 1 minute video that creates one single ocean sunset from hundreds of disparate images found on Google Images. The resulting video, set to a industrial drone soundtrack, is both poetic found art and intriguing conceptual exercise. As found internet artifacts, the source of Elings’ images is a popular tool for art-making lately, but “Sharing a Beautiful Sunset” succeeds in transcending the banality and kitsch of sunset photos into something much more inspiring.

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Water Gun Fight In a Museum!

Jason Eppink describes himself online as an “Urban Alchemist, Rapid Prototyper, Mischief Maker,” so it should come as no surprise that he stirred things up during his February 24 lecture at the Museum of Arts and Design with a water gun fight.