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Soviet Celluloid Treasures on YouTube

If you’ve studied the history of cinema than you’ve heard of Mosfilm, the renowned film studio that is reputedly the largest and oldest in Europe. Established in 1923, Mosfilm has been responsible for countless cinematic masterpieces, including many of the films created by masters Sergei Eisenstein and Andrei Tarkovsky. Now, the film studio has placed its historic flicks on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

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When Ads Could Be Avant-garde

We often forget that many cutting-edge modern artists found funding and support by making ads. The work of New Zealand avant-garde filmmaker Len Lye is a case in point.

His films, like “Rainbow Dance” (1936) or the beautifully abstract “Colour Flight” (1938), were commissioned as advertisements to be shown at the cinema. The former was created for Post Office Savings Bank and the latter for Imperial Airlines.