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Posted inArt

These Skies Are All Funked Up

Last month’s Greenpoint Gallery Night revealed a trend among contemporary artists: they’re reveling in ways to make the sky look weird. (Isn’t all contemporary art about weird these days?) Seriously, there were no kitschy sunsets or pretty blue skies or brooding storms to be found. No, what feels right these days are skies that look charmingly chthonic, oleaginous and obstreperous, weirdly wonderful. Only such strange phrases do them justice.

Posted inArt

Math and Art Together at Last

I never would have imagined stuffy mathematics and playful chance could blend in peaceful harmony, let alone lead to the series of subdued yet provocative drawings on display in James Bills’ current exhibition Golden Parachutes and Tin Handcuffs at Yes Gallery in Greenpoint. Only an artist adept in the language of architectural drafting could manage to successfully transform boring data charts into appealing visualizations of randomly generated numbers produced by the throw of a pair of polyhedral dice.