Post image for The Freelance Educators Who Teach Children to Love Museums

Museum education is a significant aspect of the way museums interface with their audiences, and freelance educators have made themselves crucial to the operation of many of New York’s main art institutions.

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Post image for The Art of Anxiety and Anticipation from the Backyards of Cold War Superpowers

As Cold War politics began to heat up along the peripheries of US and Soviet control, aesthetic preoccupations slowly started to give way to explicit engagement with the prevailing orders of power.

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Post image for The Living History of Jacob Lawrence’s ‘Migration Series’

I am only one generation removed from the history of African American migrants who, between 1917 and 1970, travelled North seeking economic opportunity, education, and respite from the strictures of Jim Crow South.

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Post image for A Peek at Martin Scorsese’s Movie Poster Collection

The premise of the Museum of Modern Art’s current exhibition Scorsese Collects is twofold: to present 34 posters from the director’s personal collection and to act as a visual companion to the upcoming film program Scorsese Screens.

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Post image for Daily Life as Art in Gilbert & George’s Early Works

The melodies of British composers Grieg and Elgar mixed with chatter and voices repeating “Gordon’s makes us drunk” can be heard faintly as you enter Gilbert & George: The Early Years.

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Post image for Yoko Ono’s ‘Morning Peace’ Turns Dawn into a Work of Art

LOS ANGELES — It was still dark when I set off on the uncrowded freeway, the few other people on the road either partiers coming home late or workers on their way to the early shift.

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Artist Yoko Ono interacting with people activating her

Yoko Ono: One Woman Show, 1960-1971, an exhibition that opens tomorrow at the Museum of Modern Art, examines in depth the early work and ideas of a well-known, influential Fluxus and multimedia artist.

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Post image for The Uncompromising Queer Politics of Bruce LaBruce

On the heels of a desultory interpretation of a prolific artist’s life (looking at you, Björk), the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) dedicated a retrospective to one of the foremost subversive queer filmmakers of our time.

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The New Urgency of Jacob Lawrence

by Julia Friedman on April 20, 2015

Post image for The New Urgency of Jacob Lawrence

The discussion used MoMA’s current Jacob Lawrence exhibition as a jumping-off point for considering a plethora of intersections between art, politics, and social justice.

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Post image for 8 Figurative Painters in an Atemporal World

Recurrent throughout 8 Painters are stylings on past painterly marks and movements, not so much placed in quotations as absorbed into a work’s facture.

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