Post image for New Clue Revealed for a Sculpture of Secret Code at CIA Headquarters

A secret message encoded in a sculpture at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, got one step closer to being solved this week.

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Art Movements

by Tiernan Morgan on November 28, 2014

The derelict interior of St. Peter's Seminary, Cardross, Scotland

This week in art news: A Cezanne catalogue raisonné was published online for public use, a brutalist structure is to be converted into an arts center, and a watercolor by Adolf Hitler sold for $161,000.

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Post image for The State of Iberoamerican Folk Art

In 1995, Cándida Fernández de Calderón embarked on a remarkable expedition to support Mexican folk art.

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Post image for German Media Corroborates $36M Islamic State Antiquities Trafficking

There is significant evidence that illicit antiquities trading contributes to paramilitary funding. It does not happen everywhere, all the time, but it does happen.

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Photo Essays

Drawing Hemingway’s Cuba

by Laura C. Mallonee on November 28, 2014

Post image for Drawing Hemingway’s Cuba

James Richards, a landscape architecture professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, finds anecdotal proof in the life of Ernest Hemingway.

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Post image for Grappling with a Family Ghost in an Interactive Photography Project

Photographer McNair Evans’ faith in his father was rattled when the patriarch died, and the secret of the family agricultural business being near insolvency was revealed.

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Post image for UNESCO Announces New Cultural Center for Bamiyan Valley

It’s rare that architects have the opportunity to design a building for a UNESCO World Heritage site — much more so for one recently devastated by cultural destruction.

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What Artists Are Thankful For

by Lauren Purje on November 27, 2014

Post image for What Artists Are Thankful For

I spend countless hours alone, ignoring you …

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Post image for Giving Thanks with John James Audubon’s Beloved Turkeys

A turkey isn’t the kind of animal that typically evokes strong feelings. Few of us carnivores interact with it unless we’re eating it.

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Who Invented the Turkey Hand?

by Steven Weinberg on November 27, 2014

Post image for Who Invented the Turkey Hand?

One of the mysteries of the holidays.

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