A group of European archaeologists have published a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences presenting

Researchers have uncovered further evidence that human ancestors may have begun producing cave art earlier than previously thought. A

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Coded After Lovelace

It’s hard now to go more than a couple months without stumbling across another exhibition showing “artists [who] question the boundary between art and technology.” It’s enough to make you never give another crap about the boundary between art and technology. But I’m not sure the artists involved in such shows really do either — at least not the ones in Coded After Lovelace.

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Post image for A Crocheted Phantasmagoria on the Hudson

YONKERS, New York — Blood falls over a compass rose circled slowly by turkey vultures, while in another room a pelican goddess spits out the Milky Way in a celestial swirl of beads and shredded fabric.

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Post image for Bahrain Tortures Award-Winning Photojournalist

Ammar Abdul-Rasool, a Bahraini photographer arrested in July, has been tortured during his continuing detention, the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) reported.

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Post image for Recovering the History of Sound in Video Games

The sound of video games has transformed from something seemingly mechanical accenting action to incredibly elaborate acoustic landscapes setting the mood for play. To preserve this history, and show why it’s worth exploring, a new documentary and archive project are underway.

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A rendering of the Level Hotel Brooklyn

In partnership with the Brooklyn Arts Council, the Level Hotel Brooklyn welcomes online entry for the Lobby Art Commission.

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The Art of Posture

by Hallie Bateman on September 2, 2014

Art of Posture comic

Contrary to what the fear-mongering propagandists in modern medicine would have you believe, it truly does not matter how you sit while doing art as long as you get as close to your work as you possibly can.

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by Hrag Vartanian on September 2, 2014

Post image for ArtRx NYC

This week, New York is back in swing and for the next few weeks you will be inundated with more art events than you can imagine.

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Post image for São Paulo Biennial Removes General Israeli Sponsorship

After registering objections from 61 participating artists that were supported by the entire curatorial delegation of its 31st São Paulo Biennial, the Fundaçao Bienal São Paulo has agreed to “clearly disassociate” Israeli funding from the general sponsorship of the exhibition.

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Post image for Why You Can’t Show Your Tattoos without Permission in Video Games

What are the intellectual property rights of tattoo artists? Video games that depict athletes are testing the limits.

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