Art Movements

by Tiernan Morgan on February 5, 2016

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This week in art news: Utah moved closer to designating “Spiral Jetty” its official state artwork, the Queens Museum announced it will give legendary punk group the Ramones a retrospective, and a mouse died at the Museum of English Rural Life after crawling into a historic mousetrap.

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Post image for Zona MACO’s Curated Sections Bring a Welcome Coherence to the Art Fair

MEXICO CITY — The 13th edition of Zona MACO, Latin America’s largest art fair, opened here on Wednesday night, bringing 123 galleries from all over the world to the sprawling Centro Banamex convention center.

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Post image for New York Times Sues PowerHouse Books for Copyright Infringement

The New York Times is suing independent publisher PowerHouse Books and its CEO, Daniel Power, over a series of images appearing in a book that’s highly critical of the Gray Lady’s coverage of war.

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Post image for Egypt Bans Teen Who Climbed and Took Photos Atop the Great Pyramid of Giza

One teenager’s daredevil stunt to procure aerial photographs and video of the Egyptian desert has earned him a lifelong ban from the country.

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Post image for Itinerant and Off-the-Map Galleries Find a Place in Mexico City’s Material Art Fair

MEXICO CITY — International art collectors, guzzling mescal and flexing gaudy taste, are descending on this megalopolis, and will leave on Monday with a hangover and something shiny.

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Post image for Philosophical Paintings that Bare Their Process

Most artists I know are aware of the painter Sharon Butler, not because she’s an overhyped art star, but because of her reputation as a serious, feet-on-the-ground, working artist.

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Post image for A Photographer Who Tracked Displacement, from Soviet Gulags to Ethiopia’s Civil War

Ruth Gruber was the youngest PhD graduate in the world, earning her degree at the age of 20 with a doctoral thesis on Virginia Woolf (the first academic work on the author), when she trudged out into the Arctic and became the first journalist to interview prisoners at a Soviet Gulag in 1935.

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Faith-Based Initiative

by Nayland Blake on February 5, 2016

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Why do you call moving your studio an “act of faith”?

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Post image for An Eccentric Visual History of Our Most Basic Shapes

In the 1960s, Italian artist Bruno Munari explored the visual history of the square, circle, and triangle in three books, which Princeton Architectural Press recently compiled.

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Post image for In a Tea Ritual, Stopping Time and Reflecting on War with a Veteran

As we sat in a circle, Aaron Hughes began Tea by describing where he was in February 2003: watching the snow fall in his barracks while his fellow American troops were being deployed to Kuwait for the Iraq war.

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