Post image for Beer with a Painter: Erika Ranee

I met Erika Ranee last summer when I took students to see a pop-up exhibition she curated in a Brooklyn studio, arranged around the theme of imagery of the eye.

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Post image for Different Shades of Punk: White Lung, Parquet Courts, Scandal, Modern Baseball

Sometimes genres die quickly (electroclash), sometimes they remain with us forever (teenpop). Sometimes they stop developing and get kept alive indefinitely by loyal keepers of their flame and proud denizens of their subculture.

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Post image for Japan, in from the Wilderness: Reiko Tomii’s Expanded Modern-Art History

The Japanese-born art historian Reiko Tomii is one of those researchers who is both passionate about her subjects and recognized among her peers for her meticulous mapping of the cultural-intellectual terrain from which they emerge.

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Post image for Adam Simon’s Deadeye Realism

As is often the case with Simon’s work, the logo paintings require a period of conceptual catch-up before they can be seen as what they are, rather than as what they seem.

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Post image for UC San Diego Plans to Convert Art Gallery into Classrooms, Sparking Protests

The University of California, San Diego’s University Art Gallery is celebrating its 50th anniversary, but this may also prove to be its last year.

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Post image for Solve a Murder Mystery in a German Rapper’s Interactive Music Video

In German rapper Kontra K’s interactive video for “Next to You,” off the new album Labyrinth, a fisherman discovers a crime scene at a quiet lake house.

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Art Movements

by Tiernan Morgan on May 27, 2016

Post image for Art Movements

This week in art news: Qatar’s royal family settled a legal dispute with Larry Gagosian over a Picasso sculpture, Rome put out an emergency call to corporations and philanthropists for €500 million to preserve its landmarks, and street artist JR made the Louvre’s glass pyramid “disappear.”

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Post image for Dangerous Bodies on the Verge of Breaking Down

The Performance Anxiety series, curated by Ventiko, stages a monthly performance buffet on the Lower East Side.

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Post image for A Native American Artist Who Painted Pop and Challenged the Status Quo

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Super Indian: Fritz Scholder, 1967–1980, currently on view at the Phoenix Art Museum, features over 40 oil paintings and prints by the Luiseño artist.

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The Shocking Reveal

by Nayland Blake on May 27, 2016

Post image for The Shocking Reveal

Hail Hydra …

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