by Hrag Vartanian on July 22, 2014

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This week is all about transporting yourself.

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Artist Ganzeer working in Cairo

The summer issue of the Cairo Review of Global Affairs mingles various aspects of the political ferment in the Middle East with the world of art and aesthetics.

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Post image for Foul Weather Foils Floating Fowl Facsimile

A Chinese company is on the hunt for the world’s largest rubber duck, last seen Wednesday floating on a river in southwest China, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Post image for The Unstable Art of Pattern Recognition

Fixed Unknowns, the current exhibition on the upper level of Taymour Grahne Gallery, breeds constant questioning of the image before the eyes.

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Vivian Maier, “Untitled” (1959)

Finding Vivian Maier, the documentary about the nanny who’s gained incredible posthumous fame for her previously unseen work as a photographer, was released this past weekend in the UK. But in addition to garnering reviews, it’s also bringing a longstanding but little-covered conflict over Maier’s work and archive to light.

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Sotheby’s auctioneer Adrian Biddell

The American Royalties Too (ART) Act calls for the return of 5 percent of a work’s resale value to its maker if it sells at auction for over $5,000, with royalties capped at $35,000.

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Daniel Buren at Hospicio Cabañas, Guadalajara, Mexico

You don’t have to look far in the art world to find something by Daniel Buren, the 76-year-old Frenchman best known for championing the ordinary stripe. A new work in Guadalajara, Mexico, takes that one step further.

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Artlab's stencil of a Russian tank

YEREVAN, Armenia — The Russians are not just trying to exert themselves in Ukraine; they are actively staking claims to their irredenta throughout their former territories. The opposition in Armenia has lacked the drama and intensity of the resistance in Ukraine and Georgia, but there is a small artistic challenge to what many are calling the Russian recolonization of the area.

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Marshall McLuhan in 'Annie Hall'

Today would have been Marshall McLuhan’s 103rd birthday.

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An Artist’s Natural Habitat

by Lauren Purje on July 21, 2014

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I wanted to pretend I was a naturalist for the day.

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