Post image for Brooklyn Gallery Responds to Police Brutality With an Open Call

The nonprofit art space Smack Mellon in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood is planning an open call exhibition in response to the non-indictments of the police officers who killed Mike Brown in Ferguson and Eric Garner in Staten Island, and the protests that followed.

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11 Creative Calendars for 2015

by Allison Meier on December 18, 2014

Post image for 11 Creative Calendars for 2015

The year is counting down its final days, and we’ll soon be halfway through the second decade of this century. How will you measure the next 365 days?

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A History of Art on the Final Frontier

by Allison Meier on December 18, 2014

Post image for A History of Art on the Final Frontier

The first instance of a space discovery affecting art was likely 1608’s Somnium, a novel by astronomer Johannes Kepler about a trip to the moon following a pathway revealed by a demon. Ron Miller includes the curious story in The Art of Space, published this October by Zenith Press, which chronicles the history of artists interpreting the frontier beyond Earth’s atmosphere.

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Post image for Free for Over Half a Century, Indianapolis Museum of Art Will Begin Charging Admission

In March of last year, the new director of the Indianapolis Museum of Art, Charles Venable, cut 29 jobs to relieve a budget problem. While the museum’s endowment is one of the 10 largest in the country, Venable apparently still believes more must be done to ensure the financial success of the institution, namely, moving from free general admission to $18.

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Post image for Magazine Calls for Boycott of Major Art Foundation Over Arms-Dealing, Lobbying Ties

The art magazine Mute has published a call for the boycott of London’s Zabludowicz Collection over its founder’s connection to the Israeli arms trade and lobbying efforts. The digressive text, which according to Mute‘s editorial introduction was “originally published online a few months ago,” was posted to the magazine’s website on December 11.

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Photo Essays

Mapping Lunar Beauty

by Julia Friedman on December 18, 2014

Post image for Mapping Lunar Beauty

Seen from Earth, the moon glows a pure off-white, its craters sometimes visible in light gray shadow. Maps made by the US Geological Survey offer a vastly different visual depiction of the Earth’s moon, using the full color spectrum to denote differences in topography and geology.

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Looking for A-Muse-ment

by Steven Weinberg on December 18, 2014

Post image for Looking for A-Muse-ment

Since Saturday, I’ve been living in the Catskills without my muse.

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Post image for A Lost Purple Pigment, Where Quantum Physics and the Terracotta Warriors Collide

The connection between contemporary quantum physics and China’s ancient Terracotta Warriors is a lost pigment called Han purple. The vibrant hue appeared in the Zhou dynasty and faded out sometime near 220 AD; art didn’t see a purple as vivid until 19th-century manufacturing.

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The Accessories of Death

by Claire Voon on December 17, 2014

Post image for The Accessories of Death

While death and dying may not be popular topics of conversation today, mourning was a familiar act that developed into a social ritual in the 18th through early 20th century — particularly in the Western world — with high mortality rates and low life expectancies.

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Post image for At New York’s LGBT Center, a Renovation Pushes Art to the Fore

On Tuesday the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center (LGBT Center) in New York’s Greenwich Village offered a sneak peek at its nearly complete $9.2 million renovation, which, among other things, aims to showcase the exceptional art sprinkled throughout the building.

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