Post image for Hip-Hop Meets Art History

Cecilia Azcarate’s art history tumblelog B4XVI pairs pictures of rappers with historical sculptures, paintings, and statues from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection.

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Post image for Diagnosing Rodin’s Grotesque Hands

French sculptor Auguste Rodin would frequently find his models out in the streets of Paris, drawn to hands and bodies gnarled by the often grueling nature of 19th century life and labor.

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Post image for Wade Guyton and the Post-Media Question

PARIS — A backshift in the Parisian weather, from spring warm sun to cold gray, complemented the opening of Wade Guyton’s back-titled 26 avril – 7 juin 2008 exhibition at Galerie Chantal Crousel perfectly.

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Post image for Sculpture of Homeless Jesus Sparks Controversy

When it comes to religious art, depictions of Jesus tend to feature him as saintly, reverential, floating above mere mortals or healing them with his touch (or he’s a baby). But a sculpture by artist Timothy P. Schmalz shows Jesus as a homeless man wrapped in a blanket, asleep on a bench.

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Post image for Venezuelans Protest Tyranny With Performance Art and Nude Selfies

A young man stands on a sidewalk in Caracas, Venezuela holding a sign that reads, “De niño eran mis héroes. Ahora me reprimen.” (“As a child they were my heroes, now they repress me”). Surrounding him, young men and women dressed in combat fatigues hold toy guns, their faces painted bright green. They’re dissenting against the Venezuelan government security forces’ bloody crackdowns on protesters.

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Post image for Homoerotic Art of Tom of Finland Celebrated on Postal Stamps

On September 8, Finnish company Itella Posti will release stamps featuring the work of Tom of Finland. The postage honors his art’s “confident and proud homoeroticism,” as the Itella Posti proclaims, with two drawings from his prolific career selected for the September–October run.

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Franco’s Playhouse

by Alicia Eler on April 15, 2014

Post image for Franco’s Playhouse

LOS ANGELES — For all of James Franco’s talk about being James Franco, it’s pretty lame that he’s now trying to glean a bit of Cindy Sherman’s fame by recreating her photographs in drag.

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Post image for Ballet Meets Folk for a “Cornbread Duet”

With old-timey string tunes that’ll lift your spirits and your knees, the Carolina Chocolate Drops know how to get the party hopping like no other revivalist band can.

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Art Rx

by Hrag Vartanian on April 15, 2014

Post image for Art Rx

I love New York, and this is one of those weeks that proves to me exactly why.

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Silicon Valley Gets an Art Fair

by Erin Joyce on April 14, 2014

Post image for Silicon Valley Gets an Art Fair

Another day, another art fair. There has been, in recent years, a massive influx of art fairs, to point where it seems like every major city (and some boutique-y destination cities) has their own. Thus was born Silicon Valley Contemporary, which took place April 10–13 at the San Jose McEnry Convention Center in downtown San Jose.

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