Post image for Over 300 Artists Link Up in an International Game of Telephone

In Telephone, an online exhibition organized by the Satellite Collective, a web connecting 315 artists in 42 countries was structured around this Breton fisherman’s prayer: “Oh god thy sea is so great and my boat is so small.”

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Post image for The Tribeca Film Festival’s Short Forays into Art

The art-centric short films at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival include two documentaries about very unusual artists, an enigmatic science-fiction drama, and a ballet set in a Parisian housing project.

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by Jillian Steinhauer on April 21, 2015

Cy Twombly,

This week, get in touch with your feminist side with a discussion of women in print and a lecture on Georgia O’Keeffe. Or go for enlightenment, by way of a sacred space at the Queens Museum or an overnight philosophy marathon. Whatever you do, don’t miss a chance for new discoveries at the Brooklyn Zine Fest.

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Post image for The New Urgency of Jacob Lawrence

The discussion used MoMA’s current Jacob Lawrence exhibition as a jumping-off point for considering a plethora of intersections between art, politics, and social justice.

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Post image for Capturing Interior and Outside Worlds in Just One Shot

Marja Pirilä has been fascinated with the camera obscura process since the 1980s, when she worked extensively with pinhole cameras and even built a few cabin-sized contraptions.

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Post image for An Artist Embarks on an Impossible Project for Tamir Rice

CLEVELAND — Artist Michael Rakowitz is working with the city of Cleveland on an unattainable goal: the removal of the color orange from the city.

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Post image for An Archaeological Twist in a Florida Fight Against High-Speed Rail

Eastern Floridians who have long been fighting a high-speed rail development in their region claim in a lawsuit that it would damage two “prehistoric sites of cultural importance.”

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Post image for After Three Decades of Obscurity, Helvetica’s Successor Reemerges

When Haas Unica was introduced in 1980, it was intended as an illustrious successor to the highly popular sans-serif Helvetica.

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Post image for Front to Back, Top to Bottom, a New Book Series Reimagines How We Read

SYNAPSE curators Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin set out to investigate the Anthropocene hypothesis: that humanity’s impact on the earth has been so great that it necessitates a new geological age.

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Teatotaler Artists Beware

by Edie Everette on April 20, 2015

Post image for Teatotaler Artists Beware

A yearlong moratorium might be in order.

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