Carolee Schneemann,

Forty years ago on August 29, 1975, the thirty-six-year-old artist Carolee Schneemann pulled a scroll from her vagina. The performance, titled Interior Scroll, is an essential moment in performance art history, and an important milestone in the artist’s provocative and influential oeuvre.

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Post image for It’s Only Rock’n’Roll, But They Like It: New Books from Robert Christgau and Jessica Hopper

Recently, Time Out New York’s “Word on the Street” column offered this overheard snippet: “She’s never had sex and she doesn’t do drugs but she really loves rock’n’roll.”

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Post image for The ABC of Art Criticism: Some Recent How To’s

It has often been said that writing about art is like dancing about architecture. Nearly as often, it has also then been said: But I’m going to do it anyway.

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Post image for Ancient Rock Art in Utah Is Being Destroyed by Target Shooters

Rock art is one of the most fragile cultural treasures in the United States and some people are destroying them with their guns.

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Art Movements

by Tiernan Morgan on August 28, 2015

Post image for Art Movements

This week in art news: Tania Bruguera returned to the US following her detainment in Cuba, a group of archaeologists protested the brutal murder of Khaled al-Asaad by ISIS, and dealers Stefan Simchowitz and Jonathan Ellis King filed suit against artist Ibrahim Mahama.

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Post image for Why the ‘Daily News’ Cover of the VA Journalist Murders Is Exploitative

The three images on the cover of the New York Daily News literally show the moment of Alison Parker’s murder: the taking aim, the flare of the gunshot, and her shocked face when the bullet hits her.

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Post image for A Redesign of Chess that Sets Us Up to Lose

In 1924, competitive chess players in Paris founded the World Chess Federation, the first international governing chess organization.

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Ingrid Bergman at 100: An Appreciation

by Michael Blum on August 28, 2015

Post image for Ingrid Bergman at 100: An Appreciation

Bergman was a vital, daring force both in the films in which she starred and — through her bold initiative, forging collaborations and instigating projects time and again — in the course of the history of cinema as a whole.

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Post image for Artists Trade Their Work for Plane Rides and Gallons of Paint

DETROIT — There is a great tension between the investments an artist makes to produce work and the living she extracts from selling art.

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Post image for FBI Warns of ISIS-Looted Artifacts Hitting the US Market

Antiquities looted by terrorist groups in Iraq and Syria are entering the art market, prompting the FBI to release a flyer soliciting dealers’ and collectors’ help in halting illegal trade.

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