Post image for “We Need a New Skin Color”: The Racial Imagination of Dada

The centenary of Dada is almost upon us. If the movement had an identifiable beginning, it was certainly at the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich in 1916, where Richard Huelsenbeck, Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings, Tristan Tzara, Marcel Janco, Hans Arp and others gathered for events that have come down to us in detached bits of information and cloudy rumors more than anything else.

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Post image for Agnes Martin: In Two New Books, A Life Revealed

How does one begin to tell — or unravel — the story of Agnes Martin (1912–2004), one of modern art’s most original and self-effacing artists, especially when so many aspects of her personal history are shrouded in mystery, misinformation, myth and misunderstanding?

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Post image for Staring Back: 400 Years of Portraits at the Morgan

Life Lines: Portrait Drawings from Dürer to Picasso at the Morgan Library & Museum may not venture very far beyond canonical European artists, but it uncovers richness and diversity within a circumscribed field, especially in the work of its two anchors, Albrecht Dürer and Pablo Picasso.

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Post image for A View from the Easel

Artists from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, and the UK.

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Post image for Wall Street’s 18th-Century Slave Market Finally Recognized with Historic Marker

Whether under Dutch, British, or American control, New York’s early development was supported by slavery.

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Art Movements

by Benjamin Sutton on July 3, 2015

Post image for Art Movements

This week in art news: the Acropolis starts accepting credit cards amid Greek cash crisis, 8 million animal mummies found in Egyptian catacombs, and Marilyn Monroe’s grave marker sells at auction for 100 times its pre-sale estimate.

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Post image for Saluting Robin Williams as the American Flag

In the 1982 television special “I Love Liberty,” Robin Williams channels the voice of the American flag.

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Post image for ‘Back to the Future’ 30 Years Later, or Riding in Cars with Millennials

One of the greatest pleasures of teaching design history to college students is time travel.

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Sum of the Arts

by Allison Meier on July 3, 2015

Post image for Sum of the Arts

Est. amount (in US$) collectors spent at contemporary, modern, postwar, and Impressionist art auction in first 6 mo. of 2015 = 3,700,000,000

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Post image for Will the Real Stephen Colbert Please Stand Up?

In preparation for his debut on CBS’s The Late Show in September, Stephen Colbert kept his hosting skills sharp by serving as guest host on Monroe, Michigan’s public access talk show Only in Monroe.

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