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Hyperallergic is a leading voice in contemporary perspectives on art, culture, and more. The online publication was founded by the husband-and-husband team, Veken Gueyikian and Hrag Vartanian, in 2009 as a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art in society. With over one million visitors monthly, Hyperallergic combines round-the-clock art world news coverage with insightful commentary.

Challenging the art world status quo, Hyperallergic goes beyond the surface to investigate the inner workings of art institutions and markets, shedding light on the movements and individuals fighting for greater inclusion and representation. With hundreds of global contributors, Hyperallergic is a constant source for the latest in film, visual art, books, and performances around the world.

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“Hyperallergic, at Age 9, Rivals the Arts Journalism of Legacy Media” – Neiman Reports

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Hyperallergic Staff & Contributors

Editor-in-Chief, Co-founder
Hrag Vartanian

Senior Editor, Los Angeles
Elisa Wouk Almino

Senior Editor
Seph Rodney

Editor, Reviews
Dessane Lopez Cassell

Editor, News
Jasmine Weber

Associate Editor, Documentary
Dan Schindel

Associate Editor, U.S. Southwest
Ellie Duke

Staff Writers
Hakim Bishara, Valentina Di Liscia

Poetry Editor
Wendy Xu

Journalism Fellow (Emily Hall Tremaine Fellowship for Curators)
Laura Raicovich

Weekend Editors
Thomas Micchelli
John Yau
Natalie Haddad
Albert Mobilio


Regular Contributors
Abe Ahn (Los Angeles)
Dorian Batycka
Ela Bittencourt
Sarah E. Bond
Kealey Boyd (Denver)
Karen Chernick
Alexis Clements (New York)
Angelica Frey (New York)
Julia Friedman
Edward M. Gómez
Daniel Larkin (New York)
Megan N. Liberty (New York)
Joseph Nechvatal (Paris)
Ilana Novick (New York)
Naomi Polonsky (London)
Michael Press
Bridget Quinn (San Francisco)
Sarah Rose Sharp (Detroit)
Matt Stromberg (Los Angeles)
Tanner Tafelski
Monica Uszerowicz (Miami)
Catherine Wagley (Los Angeles)
Emily Wilson (San Francisco)


Publisher, Co-founder
Veken Gueyikian

Marketing Manager
Alexandra Bowditch

Social Media Manger
Alex Leininger

Ad Operations Manager
Elise Bang