How Is An Artist’s Eye Different?

by Lauren Purje on January 14, 2014


Maybe art is a kind of superpower.

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  • Ben Koontz

    If so, then superpowers have MAJOR drawbacks..

    • TYoung

      . . . or not :)

  • Adriana J.Garces

    Quite a funny relative comic! Love the simplistic forms to portray its message. Now I know I’m not the only one! :)

  • Rosemary Wessel

    Did all kinds of drawings of people as a kid. My mom wanted to know where I saw all these people. I said, “Over there.” and pointed at the wood paneled wall in my room. I saw them in the wood grain. Once she knew it, she could see all the people I had drawn there, too.

  • karenrand

    I am SO there… !! spot-on, all of them. So funny!!

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