UC Press Makes 700 Books Free Online, Incl. Important Art Titles

by Mostafa Heddaya on January 15, 2014


The University of California (Berkeley) (via Wikimedia)

The University of California’s storied academic imprint is making freely available online 700 titles published between 1984 and 2004, Open Culture has reported. The books encompass a broad range of topics, with a healthy dose of critical and historical writings on the arts.

In the field of art history and criticism, the most notable releases are arguably Dore Ashton’s A Fable of Modern Art (1991) and A Critical Study of Philip Guston (1990), though a great deal of other titles are of interest: Edwin Hall’s The Arnolfini Betrothal: Medieval Marriage and the Enigma of Van Eyck’s Double Portrait (1997); essayist and poet W. S. Di Piero’s Out of Eden: Essays on Modern Art (1991); Paul J. Karlstrom’s On the Edge of America: California Modernist Art, 1900-1950 (1996); and Ellen Wiley Todd’s The “New Woman” Revised: Painting and Gender Politics on Fourteenth Street (1993).

Below are direct links to the art and architecture categories as they appear in the index page for the publicly-accessible ebooks (the figure in parenthesis indicates the number of titles available):

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  • nkbma

    does anyone know if these books actually show all the photographs/images of work still under copyright or are the art history texts mostly devoid of those like one find on google books etc.

  • C_Before_E

    Thank you for this tip-off! It is great! Shared your site on FB.

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