Old Master Paintings Animated

by Hrag Vartanian on January 17, 2014


As someone who has (allegedly) taken LSD in the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and watched the flowers in various paintings blossom right before my eyes, I recognize the visual illusions created by Rino Stefano Tagliafierro in “Beauty.” Let’s leave it at that.

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  • jon b

    What a trip.

  • Mere Ubu

    That’s a buttload of Bouguereau!

  • Yhusch Furjix

    This is great! I couldn’t help myself from wanting to see a 2nd version with Terry Gilliam style animations.

  • Maya Uma

    I don’t agree with the end! Otherwise magnificent technique, very inspiring

  • Nut Butter

    Why does the guy have to bring up the whole “look at me, I dropped acid in the MoMA!” bit?

  • Ione

    Hypnotic. Thank you.

  • Marie Godfrey

    Awesome – made me realise how much, and how little, is captured in paintings and photographs. One minute movement makes a whole lot of difference. Amazing!

  • Rhyli

    Even the not creepy parts were creepy.

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