OWS Mic Check at Sotheby’s Board Member’s Financial District Restaurant

by Hrag Vartanian on March 19, 2012

Yesterday, members of Occupy Wall Street walked into North End Grill in Manhattan’s Financial District to raise awareness among patrons that the establishment is owned by Sotheby’s board member Danny Meyer, who is part of a company that has lockout unionized art handlers since August 2011.

Since late last year, OWS has targeted 1%-er Meyer’s role on the board of Sotheby’s for the last few months and they’ve actively been pointing out that:

“Sotheby’s and MoMA share two board members, including Danny Meyer, who is also the CEO of the Union Square Hospitality group, a corporation that owns the three MoMA restaurants.”

In January, OWS occupied a Meyer-owned establishment, and last year, they occupied the Union Square Cafe in Manhattan.

In related Sotheby’s board news, James Murdoch, the embattled son of Rupert Murdoch, has stepped down from the board and even though at least one person affiliated with OWS Arts & Labor has suggested they deserve some credit for the departure, there’s no sign that OWS impacted the decision at all.

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