Amazing Splash Photos of Flowers

by An Xiao on June 1, 2012

A splash flower by Jack Long. (all images courtesy the artist and used with his permission)

LOS ANGELES — Look at that flower. Beautiful, right? Now look again. And again.

In design, we talk about splash screens, but this is literally splash art. These surreal, psychedelic flowers were taken with a high-speed camera and frozen in time in the midst of eruption. The series is the work of photographer Jack Long, who has an incredible talent for catching the right moment of the splash, creating gorgeous flower patterns mid-explosion.

This isn’t Long’s first foray into splash photography. A quick glance at his Flickr site reveals incredible poofs of coffee and ripples of color as splashes intersect. The delicacy of these moments and the sophisticated color are just … wow.

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  • Jackster

    Not sure why it says Los Angeles, when the work was created in Milwaukee

    • “putting on airs” is the term.

      Ben Knight

    • It’s the dateline. Hyperallergic uses them to identify where posts were written.

      • Jackster

        Dateline Milwaukee… Photographer creates flowers in vases out of pure liquid in a split second…..

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