Boston Mural Proves to be “Rorschach Test for Idiots and Racists”

by Hrag Vartanian on August 8, 2012

A new Os Gemeos painting rises on Boston’s Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway at Dewey Square to coincide with their show at the city’s Institute for Contemporary Art (via Geoff Hargadon’s Instagram)

The fact that the Facebook Page of a Fox affiliate is full of racism is not that surprising, but the fact that a rather playful mural in the heart of Boston has spurred ridiculously bigoted commentary should be shocking to sane individuals.

Last week, the Brazilian street art twins, Os Gemeos, unveiled their new mural on Boston’s Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway at Dewey Square and Fox Boston couldn’t resist suggesting the work portrayed some sort of controversial figure and like moths to a flame the xenophobes and anti-Muslim bigots came running.

“This is a new mural on a Big Dig ventilation building. What does it look like to you?” Fox Boston wrote on its Facebook Page with a link to an article on their website titled “Greenway Mural Interpreted as Little Boy, Terrorist” — though it should be noted that the original title appears to have been altered after its initial publication.

The fact that towel of this “raghead,” which is a bigoted term at least one Facebook commenter used to describ the male figure in the mural, is a jacket (which is obvious from the sleeve hanging down from his chin) has not deterred commenters who continue to rage about the 70-foot mural.

Since the initial reaction of hate, many more openminded commenters have begun to chime in to point out the ridiculous “terrorist” talk about the mural.

Yet the initial reaction to the work by Fox Boston fans was undoubtedly negative and you only have to look at the first comments on the Saturday, August 4 post to see it:

Our favorite comment is by Facebook commenter named Johnny Dow, who simply wrote, “rorschach test for idiots and racists.” Amen. Though we’re going to admit that Tall Guyme’s “gay ninja” comment is a close second, because, let’s face it, the world needs more gay ninjas.

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  • KCP

    Bigots are so ignorant. How many Muslims have you seen dressed in pants and a shirt like that? People need to lighten up.

  • Maybe it’s a Rorshach Test for gay ninjas?

  • Travon Martin was a pretty good rorchach test for the world. Some see black, some see kid with hoodie, some see oppession.

  • so wait though, being muslim means you’re a terrorist always? it’s appalling how idiotic the response has been

  • Liam Drain

    Wait a minute! In Boston?

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