Man Finds His Doppelganger at Philadelphia Museum of Art

by Hrag Vartanian on November 13, 2012

OMG. On November 11, Max Galuppo, 20, of Bloomsbury, NJ, encountered his doppelganger (aka his double) at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The painting, “Portrait of a Nobleman with Duelling Gauntlet” (1562) by an anonymous artist, has an uncanny resemblance to the young man and the hundreds of comments on Reddit attest to it.

The funny things is Galuppo didn’t spot the resemblance until he saw the photo. “To be honest, I didn’t see it. I didn’t see the resemblance. And then I saw the picture of me next to it, and you can’t deny that,” he told ABC News.

Is the man in the painting Galuppo’s ancestor? Maybe, but no one is sure, though Galuppo does say that the painting is from the same region of Italy his grandparents hail from.

We think this man deserves a free lifetime membership to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, don’t you?

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As expected, the reactions on Twitter are hilarious, but this one wins:

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  • mikeborja

    The dude’s t-shirt has an amazing parallel to the whole doppleganger incident. Two doppleganger statues staring at each other…

  • Dusty

    Obviously he’s a vampire.

  • tom299

    Wait you mean all dark-haired, fat bearded guys look the same? Surely not…

  • madeofwords

    We recycle paper, waste, etc… now we are in need to recycle faces?

  • Joey Angel

    He’s a Time traveler. He knows its himself, or maybe he hasn’t traveled back there yet, but plans to now.

  • JeffreyK

    My wife’s family is originally from Sachsen, the German state of Saxony. When we visited the main art museum in Dresden we saw a painting of a 16th-century Saxon nobleman who was a dead ringer for her brother. Limited gene pool, maybe?

    • Francisco Julius

      I think that is exactly what it is. A tight gene pool. All over Europe you see this. When people started saying that the Mona Lisa was a self portrait of Leonardo’s I just went “ho hum” just go to the area between Florence and Pisa and you will encounter the same face. In Ferrara in the Palazzo Schifanoia there are Tura’s frescoes of his Triuumphs hundreds of faces looking at you both men and women and they all look like the young Mussolini (he was born not to far from there). Also the word Doppelgaenger here is misused, I think, as it means a ghostly presence…well maybe with a stretch of linguistic imagination we could get to that usage. In closing when you go to a village or country town each town has its own look of mutt and here I am talking about dogs, Well in places where man has not emigrated for centuries you get the same thing.

  • rvbranham

    wait one god damn minute, that dude in the painting is NOT wearing a pink floyd tshirt

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