You Might Be An Artist If …

by Lauren Purje on January 21, 2013

you-might-be-an-artist-if-640How to spot an artist in their natural habitat.

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  • It’s coffee over ramen, but oh, so much truth it hurts.

    • chan

      oo-coffee on my ramen-step saver-time saver-more art time-YIPEE

  • jeffarchuleta

    True, true.

  • Shawn Chapman

    Eyyyyyyyyee don’t know about this one. My personal list…Do you consider depression the gateway to creativity? Do you get upset when you read about wildly successful artists? Do you spend more on binge drinking then on food? Do you consider other people’s trash to be”art supplies”? Are your dress up clothes paint splattered? Is your most secret shame money from home? You just might be an artist.

  • Terry Ward

    AND you call making pictures ‘work’

    (said with love for my fellow art-makers)

  • Reuben Jesse Cohen

    Awesome. All of these (except for the one, I guess, that specifically refers to art supplies) totally apply to writers as well.

    • Tim Smedinga

      Writing counts as art. You need pens and paper or a computer with software to write. So it still counts.

      • Reuben Jesse Cohen

        Oh, of course writing is an art. I would still say that it does not have quite as much of a dependence on supplies as visual art does, but that being said, I am quite a nerd about nice pens, so you may have a point there :)

  • Jessika Tarr


  • ronaha

    Hahahaha Love this one! It’s like looking in a mirror!

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