Big News from Supreme

by Curly on January 25, 2013

Editor’s Note: Starting today, street artist Curly, the postal sticker philosopher, will be contributing a weekly post on Hyperallergic. We’ve long been a fan of this enigmatic talent who first caught our attention when he sent in a batch of his stickers for our 2011 mail art show, Presents. Curly’s wry observations often react to the curious intersection of art, pop culture, commerce, fame, and ego that is a staple of today’s mfa-art-gallery/fair-auction-museum industrial complex. Welcome aboard, Curly!


It looks like this.

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  • Rhiannon Platt

    Yeah Curly! Up with women artists!

  • That statement is 20 years too late, but ok..

  • $25550296

    I hate seeing these things all over Philadelphia. Sub-pithy OWS crap.

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