Blick Acquires Utrecht Art Supplies

by Hrag Vartanian on April 4, 2013

blick-utrecht-HOMEArt supply consolidation alert! Blick Art Materials has acquired Utrecht Art Supplies from private equity firm Topspin Partners LBO for an undisclosed amount. Jen Graves, over at The Slog, has published the full press release.

The Galesburg, Illinois-based Blick is adding Utrecht’s 45 stores to its own healthy network of 39 outlets across the country. “The acquisition of Utrecht gives us a tremendous, well-established brand and greater geographic reach for our brick and mortar channel. We are very excited to welcome Utrecht employees and customers to the Blick team,” said Blick CEO Robert Buchsbaum.

Utrecht produces its own American-made lines of artists’ colors at the company’s workshop in Brooklyn, New York. No news what the merger will mean for the jobs of the skilled craftsmen, chemists, and artists employed by Utrecht in Brooklyn and beyond.

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  • As long as nobody messes with NY Central art supply we can still sleep soundly.

  • Robert Cicetti

    At least it’s not the other way around. Edit: Opinion based on customer service experience.

  • mazi

    hopefully they keep their paints AS IS.

  • amiba

    The Walmart of art supplies.

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