Blend Art and Education at Columbia College Chicago

by Sponsor on December 11, 2013


Columbia College Chicago’s Masters of Arts in Teaching programs (MAT in Visual Arts or Elementary Education) focus on the strong relationship between the arts and academic learning, creative thinking, and problem solving.

Candidates of both Education programs will:

  • receive extensive field experience before completing their student teaching.
  • develop the knowledge, skills, and disposition to successfully teach in diverse settings.
  • experience close collaboration with academic faculty.
  • hone the skills to develop knowledgeable, curious, and confident learners.
  • be prepared for Illinois certification and licensure.

Classes for Columbia’s MAT programs are designed to be completed in two years, and are offered in the early evening to meet the scheduling needs of degree candidates.

Application Deadline: January 15, 2014

For more information or to apply, visit colum.edu/Admissions/Graduate/programs/master-of-arts-in-teaching/.

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  • Dicim

    Art subject is really helpful for the development of the children. They can be able to use their imaginations fully for they try to create an art that would surely dictate on what are they thinking. It’s seems like a good exercise for their brain at that kind of age.

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