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Post image for A Photographic Index of Illicit Objects Seized at the US Border

On the cover of Taryn Simon’s Contraband is the corpse of a bird of prey, its body contorted over a nondescript envelope that was marked “home décor” and on its way from Indonesia to Miami, Florida, when it was seized at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport.

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Post image for Robert Doisneau’s Photographs of the Paris Natural History Museum During the Nazi Occupation

From 1942 to 1943, while Paris was occupied by Nazi Germany, photographer Robert Doisneau documented the ongoing work of the scientists in the city’s natural history museum.

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Post image for How Audubon Pranked a Fellow Naturalist with a Bulletproof Fish

Field books capture essential information for ecological history but are often difficult to track down in scientific collections.

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Post image for New Acquisition Makes the Rubin Museum World Leader in Tibetan Astrological Art

With the Rubin Museum of Art’s recent acquisition of a mid-18th-century manuscript known as White Beryl, the Manhattan museum now holds the world’s leading collection of Tibetan astrological and cosmological paintings.

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Post image for Rediscovering Charlotte Catherine Patin, a 17th-Century Art Historian

“I view Patin chiefly as an under appreciated pioneer in the field of women’s scholarship rather than just in art historical studies,” Nicola J. Shilliam, bibliographer at the library, told Hyperallergic.

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Post image for Ai Weiwei Splits a 400-Year-Old Temple Between Two Beijing Galleries

BEIJING — Between two Beijing galleries, Ai Weiwei has divided a 400-year-old temple’s 1,500 worn, wooden pieces.

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Dancing Around the Issue of Surveillance

by Allison Meier on November 23, 2015

Post image for Dancing Around the Issue of Surveillance

Audiences entering the black box space of BAM Fisher in Brooklyn for More up a Tree found a transparent room containing a man sprawled on his back, and a woman nervously pacing.

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Post image for The Radiance of the French Renaissance in Miniature

While the grandest glories of the French Renaissance were the elaborate castles circling Paris and adorning the Loire Valley, down in Central France a much smaller art form flourished.

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Sum of the Arts

by Allison Meier on November 20, 2015

Post image for Sum of the Arts

Number of magnetic tape recordings in museums and other archives that won’t be possible to digitize in 20 years due to changing technology and disintegration = 46,000,000

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Post image for A Lakota Sioux Warrior’s Eyewitness Drawings of Little Bighorn

One of the most popular images of the 1876 Battle of the Little Bighorn is “Custer’s Last Stand” by Cassilly Adams, who ditched historical accuracy for a romanticized George Armstrong Custer standing tall against the encroaching horde of horseback warriors.

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