Allison Meier

Post image for A Film Portrait of the “Doomsday Vault” that Guards Our Agricultural Biodiversity

On a Norwegian island 810 miles south of the North Pole is a safety net for an agricultural crisis.

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Sum of the Arts

by Allison Meier on May 22, 2015

Post image for Sum of the Arts

Number of figures Edward Hopper posed for in his 1942 painting “Nighthawks” = 2

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Post image for Black Box Theater for an Audience of One

In the mobile black box of Theatre for One, there is only one audience member for each of the seven rotating plays.

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Post image for Open Source Software to Catalogue Cultural Heritage Before a Crisis

Cultural heritage management tends to suffer from limited funding and resources, which can make a crisis — whether natural disaster, pipeline construction, or war — that much more catastrophic for assessing what’s in need of protection.

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Post image for NASA Launches $2.25M Design Competition to 3D Print Habitats for Mars

The hope is that 3D printing and the incorporation of spacecraft waste and materials from the alien world can in turn help address affordable housing on Earth.

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Post image for The Baroque World of Rubens as a Kinetic Carousel of the Damned

In a colossal carousel of horror, Mat Collishaw and Sebastian Burdon reinterpreted the chaotic violence of Peter Paul Rubens’s “Massacre of the Innocents” paintings as a 3D-printed zoetrope.

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Post image for The Iridescent Elegance of Victorian Mother-of-Pearl Book Bindings

For a few years in the 19th century, books bound in covers glistening with mother-of-pearl were a gift-giving sensation.

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Post image for The Glass Plate Garden: Early Photographs of Central Park

In thousands of recently digitized glass plate negatives, the natural and landscaped grandeur of gardens past is revealed in freshly sharp detail.

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Post image for A Project that Lets You Control Music with Your Mind

With new technology comes new opportunities to augment our reality, and two art projects now on view in Brooklyn experiment with our interaction with sound through electronic devices.

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Post image for American Suburban Architecture and the 1980s Hardcore Bands It Housed

The Hardcore Architecture blog is using addresses to reveal, through Google Street View, the often mundane suburban architecture behind the ’80s underground scene.

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