Allison Meier

Post image for Rebooting the Legacy of a Woman Who Made Video Games for Girls

Theresa Duncan made a series of CD-ROM games in the 1990s aimed at young girls, encouraging imagination and adventure through playfully drawn, dreamlike narratives.

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Art That Was Always Meant to Be Hidden

by Allison Meier on November 20, 2014

Post image for Art That Was Always Meant to Be Hidden

The portraits in Oliver Jeffers’ Dipped Paintings series exist as wholes only in the memories of those who witnessed their submersion.

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Post image for 25 Years of Photographing NASA’s Abandoned Launch Sites

Photographer Roland Miller has spent 25 years gaining access to abandoned NASA sites across the United States, capturing their history and strange imagery before they disappear.

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Post image for Illustrating the Invisible Spaces of Migrant Detention

Migrant detention centers are almost as invisible as the people they hold, their plans classified, photography prohibited. Toronto-based artist Tings Chak created a visual narrative through Canada’s centers that’s a mix of graphic novel and architectural design.

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Post image for New Monograph Explores Our State of Being Like “Characters in a Disaster Movie”

Photographer Hiroshi Watanabe describes our state of being in his new monograph as like “characters in a disaster movie.”

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Post image for 19th and 20th–Century Bookplates as Deeply Personal Brands of the Home Library

As personal libraries grew in the 19th and 20th centuries, so did bookplates.

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Post image for Photographs from an Underground Laser Laboratory

Deep beneath the University of Texas in Austin, the Texas Petawatt Laser can reach a power of 1,000 trillion watts — around 2,000 times that generated by all the country’s power plants combined.

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Post image for Advocating for Glow-in-the-Dark Roads with Vincent van Gogh

A glow-in-the-dark bike route inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” debuted this week in the Netherlands. It’s part of a larger vision to illuminate infrastructure with solar energy captured during the day.

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Post image for How Looking for Ciphers in Shakespeare Shaped Modern Codebreaking

The theory that statesman and scientist Francis Bacon was the ghostwriter behind Shakespeare, and embedded the Bard’s plays with ciphers, had a major influence on modern cryptography.

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Post image for An Astronaut’s Photographs of our Planet’s Beauty and Mutilations

Astronaut photography has been influential on the perception of our planet almost since the first space missions.

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