Allison Meier

Post image for The Only Five Public Statues of Historic Women in NYC

Setting aside the allegorical females and fictional heroines like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, who are the historic women honored in New York’s public statuary?

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Sum of the Arts

by Allison Meier on July 31, 2015

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Height (in feet) of the rogue wave depicted in Katsushika Hokusai’s famed “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” (c.1830–32) = 32–39

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Post image for The Evolution of the Watermelon, Captured in Still Lifes

The watermelons of our summers are not the watermelons of yesteryear, as demonstrated by a 17th-century painting by Italian artist Giovanni Stanchi.

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Post image for Young Designers Transform the Interiors of Mumbai’s Taxis

With a population of over 20 million in its metropolitan area, Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in the world, and taxis are integral to its transportation.

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Post image for New York City’s Oldest Public Art Is Pompeii Ancient

New York City has public art that’s older than the city itself.

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Post image for Dusting Off Victorian Science Specimens, from Two-Faced Kittens to Slug Models

After 25 years of collecting contemporary art, George Loudon’s eye was caught by a display of 19th-century glass flowers at Harvard University.

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Post image for Silhouette Portraits from the Days Before Photography

Before photography, the silhouette was a popular form of portraiture more affordable than oil painting, where the outline of a face in profile was cut in black.

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Post image for Rubin Museum Honors Nek Chand, Visionary Artist who Built Paradise from Debris

Following India’s independence in 1947, architect Le Corbusier was recruited to design Chandigarh, the country’s first planned modern metropolis.

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Post image for Bringing a Constellation Down to Earth at a Ruined Castle on the Hudson

For the next two years, a constellation built by human hands over the ruins of a Hudson River castle is mingling with the stars.

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Post image for When Rotting Whales Were Toured as Sideshow Spectacles

In researching her new art project, Fiona Tan discovered an odd pamphlet advertising “The Exhibition of Jonah, the Giant Whale caught off Trondheim, Norway.”

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