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The Sacrificial Glory of the Soviet Space Dogs

by Allison Meier on September 17, 2014

Post image for The Sacrificial Glory of the Soviet Space Dogs

As companions in our centuries of wandering and settling, dogs have given their loyalty blindly, in both good and bad, as sacrifices to animal testing, as scouts to survivors on battlefields, as guardians to sleep by the door at night.

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Post image for Library of Congress Photographs Mapped into an Interactive Atlas of the Great Depression

The Library of Congress has an incredible digitized archive of Depression-era photographs, taken between 1935 and 1945 on behalf of the United States Farm Security Administration and Office of War Information.

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Post image for Exhuming the Artistic Afterlife from One of NYC’s Historic Cemeteries

Up in the Bronx, at the end of the line of the 4 train, is a “remarkable museum of American funerary art,” as the wall text for Sylvan Cemetery: Architecture, Art and Landscape at Woodlawn at Columbia University’s Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery puts it.

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Post image for Investing in Immersive Theater on Governors Island

Set against the economic optimism and then despair of a family-owned paper company going public, Trade Practices, presented by HERE on Governors Island, asks audience members to invest in its story lines. The immersive theater production that kicked off on Labor Day Weekend stages the experience around a trading floor, where your interest in various characters is turned into an experiment in value.

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Shang dynasty oracle bones

While dating back 3,000 years, no one recognized how special the oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty were until 1899.

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Post image for Fictional Collaborations Between Artists and Architects

What if the day Picasso and Le Corbusier had spent wandering the Unité d’habitation in Marseille turned into a real structural collaboration? Italian illustrator Federico Babina has imagined such collisions of visual artists with architects in a series called Artisect.

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Post image for A Desk That’s Your Future Coffin, GPS Shoes, and More Oddly Practical Inventions

London-based artist Dominic Wilcox sees potential for improvement in all aspects of life, whether it’s a GPS for remembering names in social situations or a work desk that could be a future coffin for “those who work hard all their lives and then die.”

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Post image for Finding More than Fashion in the Legacy of Nigerian Photographer J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere

When photographer J. D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere passed away this February, he left behind an archive of over 10,000 photographs of his home country Nigeria.

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Post image for Governors Island Art Fair Lodges in New York Harbor’s Military Ruins for the Month

Among peeling paint and creaking floors, the Governors Island Art Fair returned this past weekend to the former military homes of Colonels Row out in the New York Harbor.

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Post image for A Documentary for the Witch of Kings Cross, Australia’s Persecuted Occult Artist

Filmmaker Sonia Bible considers Rosaleen Norton “the most persecuted artist in Australian history.” With a new documentary, she’s hoping to set a more accurate record of the life of woman who in the 1940s and 50s scandalized the country with her occult art, and bold sexuality.

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