Allison Meier

The SLAC homepage in 1996

Now you can go back to where the World Wide Web started in the United States with the country’s first website. Launched in December of 1991, the website for the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory had little more than text and a few links.

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A Town Is Not a Museum, Appeals Court Rules

by Allison Meier on October 30, 2014

Post image for A Town Is Not a Museum, Appeals Court Rules

In settling the dispute of where one of the greatest athletes of the 20th century is buried, a ruling last week declared that a town can’t be treated like a museum.

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Post image for A Child’s Drawings Preserved over the Centuries by “Magical Mud”

In one region of Russia, the consistency of the earth is just right that manuscripts dating back centuries emerge almost perfectly preserved. Over the past year, more than 1,000 of these birch bark artifacts from the 11th to 14th centuries have been exhumed from the soil of Novgorod, adding to a growing archive of written history.

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Post image for Mining Tax Data to Map the Past and Future of Urban Development in New York

Last year, the City of New York released a huge trove of tax data to the public. Called Property Land Use Tax Lot Output (PLUTO), the information might not seem terribly thrilling, a dry assortment of building dates, square footage, and property value, but for those looking to map the city’s history and potential future it is an incredible resource.

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Post image for Belief, Reason, and the Origins of the World in a Striking Series of 19th-Century Illustrations

Galileo and other troublemakers aside, science and religion didn’t have such a complete falling out until the 19th century.

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Post image for Frick Garden and Watts Towers Listed Among Most Endangered US Art Landscapes

The Frick Collection’s Russell Page–designed garden, planned for destruction as part of the Manhattan museum’s expansion project, is one of 11 land-based art pieces announced as under threat this week by the Cultural Landscape Foundation (TCLF).

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Post image for NASA Releases Audio of Space Exploration into the Public Domain

A cosmic collection of sounds from space exploration is now available in the public domain. NASA has launched a sound library starting with over 60 samples of mission control, rockets firing, Sputnik beeping along in orbit, and the eerie harmonies of the universe.

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Post image for Civil War Portraits of the Broken Bodies Sent Home

On the National Museum of Health and Medicine’s Flickr, portraits of wounded Civil War soldiers show the grim resilience, military pride, and shocked resignation in their faces.

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Post image for Lunar Mountains and Divine Spheres: 1,000 Years of Illustrating Outer Space

In a new book called Cosmigraphics: Picturing Space Through Time, published this month by Abrams, Michael Benson examines over a thousand years of mapping the great beyond.

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Ann Hamilton: the common SENSE at Henry Art Gallery

Tails, feathers, claws, paws, and slender toes peak out from blurred scans of natural history specimens included in Ann Hamilton’s new exhibition at the Henry Art Gallery in Seattle.

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