Post image for An Installation that Squeezes the Art Out of Painting

PARIS — Soon, the desire for art that distinguishes itself from pop culture might become like how drugs used to be: a transgressive, covert endeavor.

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ArtRx NYC: Summer Day Trips

by Jillian Steinhauer on September 1, 2015

Post image for ArtRx NYC: Summer Day Trips

Today may be September 1, but it’s not Labor Day yet, so you’ve still got one week left to act like you’re on summer break.

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Post image for Two Artists Confront the Politics and Prejudice of Mourning in Israel

Earlier this month, artist Romy Achituv and writer Illana Sichel responded to the recent bouts of violence against Jewish Israelis and West Bank Palestinians with a poster project that uses a stark Israeli graphic language of mourning.

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Post image for The Pre-Columbian Origins of Mexico’s Modernist Architecture

In his monograph Pyramid, published by Toluca Éditions, photographer Pablo López Luz explores the pre-Columbian influence on modernist architecture in Mexico.

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Post image for #BlackLivesMatter Street Signs Coming to New York This Fall

A new set of “Black Lives Matter” street signs carrying some provocative messages will appear in New York City in October.

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Post image for The True Report of a Former Getty Curator Lost in Scandal

Hamlet thought he could do it. The prince believed he could exert control over the narrative of his life’s major events and the part he played in their grim culmination.

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Post image for Printing a Poem on an Orchard’s Apples

The apples in Seattle’s Piper’s Orchard will ripen this summer and fall with words from a 26-section poem printed on their skin.

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Post image for William Kentridge Plans Massive, Vanishing Mural in Rome

In April 2016, South African artist William Kentridge will unveil “Triumphs and Laments,” a 550-meter (~1,804 feet) frieze along the embankment of Rome’s Tiber River.

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Post image for How a Set of Rediscovered 19th-Century Japanese Doors Leads to Frank Lloyd Wright

Last week, a trio of late-19th-century Japanese sliding door paintings, originally believed to be missing or destroyed, finally emerged after years spent hidden in a Chicago Park District storage facility.

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A Geometry of Spatial Illusion

by Joseph Nechvatal on August 31, 2015

Post image for A Geometry of Spatial Illusion

PARIS — Felice Varini’s environmental paintings can only be experienced in architectural space.

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