Paul Pfieffer,

In MFA Fine Arts at SVA, students have the unique opportunity to engage critically with the work that their faculty make, and to have a conversation about it, at weekly artist talks hosted by the department.

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Post image for The Origins and Evolution of Group Zero

There are undoubtedly many stories attributed to the founding of ZERO in post-World War II Germany, as there were with the inception of Dada during the earlier Great War that raged outside the Swiss borders from 1914–18.

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An Ode to Distractions, Old and New

by Steven Weinberg on November 20, 2014

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Despite living up in the mountains, I am very much on call while I work in my studio.

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Post image for Before Abramović, A History of Nothing

As might be expected, Marina Abramović’s new performance event at the Sean Kelly gallery, Generator, has attracted a healthy level of press coverage that is concomitant with her reputation.

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Post image for Marking Portraits with the Passage of Time

David Mramor’s glamorous pathos is a precise and nuanced excavation of the layers inherent in the steady march of time — a journey, perhaps, toward a painterly manifestation of the punctum.

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Post image for Let Them Eat Art: Queens Through the Ages

In her infamous speech at the British Museum last year, writer Hilary Mantel described Kate Middleton, future queen of England, as a “shop-window mannequin” whose sole purpose was to look pretty and give birth.

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Post image for $46M Spent on Extinction Monument Could Help Curb Extinction

Earlier this month, workers in England broke ground on a $46 million memorial to extinct species.

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Post image for Another Boring List Praises the White Men of Art and Architecture

Hardly a day goes by on the internet without a publication releasing some kind of Important List. The latest is The New Republic‘s “100 Years 100 Thinkers,” a compendium prompted by the magazine’s centennial.

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Post image for Art Students Erase Historic Graffiti Wall in Prague

The so-called John Lennon Wall in Prague, which, since its namesake’s assassination in 1980, has been a popular destination for tourists, taggers, and street artists, was completely erased with white paint on Monday by an artist collective calling itself Prague Service.

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Nam June Paik’s Robot Dreams

by Julia Friedman on November 19, 2014

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Nam June Paik: Becoming Robot, organized by the Asia Society Museum, is the first solo show of the Korean-born artist in New York City since his celebrated 2000 Guggenheim retrospective.

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