Post image for 7 Reasons to Attend the Hand-in-Glove Convening in Minneapolis–St. Paul

Nearly 400 arts organizers will converge in the Twin Cities September 17–20 for the third Hand-in-Glove convening. This gathering of alternative spaces, artist-led projects, and artists’ organizations also marks the launch of Common Field, a new national visual arts network.

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Post image for Soda-Swigging Schoolkid Punches Hole in 17th-Century Painting

A trip to an art exhibition in Taipei ended in a less-than-ideal manner for a 12-year-old boy, who tripped and broke his fall by sticking his fist through a painting — thereby realizing everyone’s worst museum-related nightmare.

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Post image for Undoing Denials at the Venice Biennale’s Armenian Pavilion

Since its inception a couple of decades ago following Armenia’s independence, the curatorial direction of the national pavilion at the Venice Biennale leaned predominantly towards showcasing artists who work/live in Yerevan.

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Post image for Help the British Library Decipher an 800-Year-Old Sword Inscription

Could a mystery that’s stumped historians for nearly two centuries be solved by internet commenters?

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by Jillian Steinhauer on August 25, 2015

Post image for ArtRx NYC

We advise you to close out summer the best way New York knows how: with film screenings.

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Post image for A Midcentury Manhattan Mosaic Returns to Public View

A midcentury mosaic forgotten for years beneath metal paneling on a Midtown Manhattan office building is now restored and on permanent public view.

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Post image for A Puppet and a Performer Bring “The Waste Land” to Life

At this year’s New York International Fringe Festival, artist Daniel Domig and actor Christopher Domig have collaborated on The Waste Land, an installation in which the latter quixotically plays with objects and rolls around in sawdust while reciting T.S. Eliot’s poem of the same name.

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Post image for ISIS Bulldozes and Blows Up Two More Ancient Sites in Syria

Attacks on ancient cultural sites by ISIS in retaliation for what the terrorist group considers idolatry continue with the recent destruction of two ancient religious buildings in Syria.

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When the Whole World Spoke Pop

by Mason Riddle on August 24, 2015

Post image for When the Whole World Spoke Pop

MINNEAPOLIS — We do not know what we do not know. That is precisely what the Walker Art Center’s exhibition International Pop makes clear — how much, heretofore, we did not know about the scope and practice of Pop art.

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Ugly Duckling Presse Is Throwing a Rent Party

by Sponsor on August 24, 2015

Post image for Ugly Duckling Presse Is Throwing a Rent Party

On August 30, Brooklyn’s beloved, indie Ugly Duckling Presse is throwing a “Rent Party” — a half-day event consisting of a pre-party, barbecue, and performances by NYC-based DJs, bands, and sound artists.

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