Magnum Opus Cycnorum

by Lucas Fagen on September 28, 2014

The Swans,

Swans, led by one Michael Gira, are the only band around right now to combine the abrasive militancy of classic American noise rock with mind-boggling avant-garde imagination.

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Angela Dufresne,

In the foreground of the painting, “Dwarf, Goat, Woman, Man and Head” (2014), a young woman in a striped red and blue bikini is standing in a forest, where it has recently snowed, multitasking. She cradles a decapitated head in the crook of her left arm, while, with her right hand, she is about to push down on the head of a naked dwarf with an erection standing beside her.

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Four Questions About Contemporary Arab Art

by Hrag Vartanian on September 28, 2014

Here and Elsewhere at the New Museum

I admit to feeling crippled by the New Museum’s Here and Elsewhere show. As the first major show of art from the “Arab world” in a New York museum, it stirs a huge well of emotions and frustrations about a topic that needs volumes to unpack.

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Richard Whitten,

Richard Whitten’s paintings are provoking. They refuse to act entirely like paintings but are exceedingly not sculpture. They baffle you with titles in French, German, and Italian, optical illusions, and spatial inconsistencies rendered with mathematical precision.

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Vilaykorn Sayaphet,

It’s great to look at something that makes the experience of looking seem more important than the need to explain what you saw. Vilaykorn Sayaphet’s exhibition Latmanikham & Thongsy at English Kills Gallery offers just such an opportunity.

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Beer with a Painter: Todd Bienvenu

by Jennifer Samet on September 27, 2014

Todd Bienvenu,

Todd Bienvenu’s studio is filled with stacks: art books on the floor, paintings leaning against the wall. Bienvenu’s work deals with omnivorous appetites – for company, pleasure, fun, music.

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Post image for Strangely Familiar: The Art of the Chinese Album

The Art of the Chinese Album, the outrageously beautiful exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, chronicles nearly 800 years of variations on a hybrid theme: painting and the book, fused into cinematically sequenced images, a meditative synthesis that speaks to our cultural disarray with startling immediacy.

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Is Norway an Artist Book Paradise?

by Lynn Maliszewski on September 26, 2014

Norway Focus: Kunstnerbøker takes place during the 2014 NY Art Book Fair

Norway, the enigmatic teardrop of a nation that crowns the Scandinavian peninsula, could be considered heaven or hell depending on whom you ask.

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Post image for At a Space in Queens, Avant-Music Plus Community

The Pecos River runs through New Mexico and Texas, forming a locale in the latter state colloquially known as Trans Pecos. Also referred to as Far West Texas, it’s a coarse region famous for its rough topography, Terlingua chili cook-off, and in recent years, revitalized arts economy.

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Art Movements

by Tiernan Morgan on September 26, 2014

A selection of paintings in the video game Minecraft

This week in art news: Auction companies oppose an appeal rehearing for the California Resale Royalty Act, the British Museum is to be recreated in Minecraft, and a time capsule was discovered in the head of a lion atop the Bostonian Society.

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