Post image for “I Am an Invented Character”: A Performance Artist on Living in His Utopia

“I am back in New York. My lungs need poison air,” began Papo Colo in one of his recent emails to me.

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Post image for The Dying Typographic Art of Cutting Letters into Steel

In a smoky atelier in Torino, Italy, Giuseppe Branchino works as one of the world’s last punch cutters.

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Post image for A Graphic Novel Chronicles Woody Guthrie’s Dust Bowl Years

Woody Guthrie was responding to the hardships of the Great Depression, but he may as well have been singing about now.

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Exhuming Edinburgh’s Hidden Stories

by Karen Gardiner on August 23, 2016

Post image for Exhuming Edinburgh’s Hidden Stories

EDINBURGH — “Scotland is a canny nation when it comes to remembering and forgetting,” wrote the poet Jackie Kay.

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Post image for The Colonial Histories of Colors and Patterns

SAN FRANCISCO — Stephanie Syjuco’s exhibition Neutral Calibration Studies (Ornament + Crime) at Catharine Clark Gallery is physically dominated by an installation of the same name.

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ArtRx LA

by Matt Stromberg on August 23, 2016

Post image for ArtRx LA

LOS ANGELES — This week’s events include a tour of the murals of Historic Filipinotown, an updated version of a 1970s game show, an anti-gentrification film screening, and more.

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Crimes of the Art

by Benjamin Sutton on August 23, 2016

Post image for Crimes of the Art

On this week’s art crime blotter: a cycling-themed cow statue goes missing, one art dealer sues another over a Jeff Koons sculpture, and a former guard takes the Metropolitan Museum to court.

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Post image for Play at Doing Nothing with Trump, Palin, and Other “Climate Inaction Figures”

“Global warming my gluteus maximus,” wrote former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin in an infamous 2013 Facebook post, in which she argued that climate change wasn’t real because it had snowed in her home state in May.

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Post image for Mouthwatering Qing Dynasty Sculpture of Braised Pork Belly Leaves Asia for First Time

You may not have heard of the exiled Song Dynasty Chinese poet Su Shi, nicknamed Su Dongpo, but you’re likely familiar with the dish named for him: dongpo rou, or braised pork belly, the succulent hunk of meat topped off with a soft and sinful layer of fat.

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Post image for A New-Wave ‘Little Mermaid’ Illustrated by Yayoi Kusama

If you most vividly remember The Little Mermaid as told by Disney, with the mermaid princess and her prince sailing off together beneath a rainbow, now is the time to revisit Hans Christian Andersen’s original fairy tale, which is much, much darker.

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