Post image for Leaked Police Report Cites Michael Jackson’s Art Books as Possible “Grooming” Tools

Yesterday, Radar Online published what appears to be a leaked version of an incomplete police report on Michael Jackson, and the document cites several contemporary art books apparently found at the singer’s home during a 2003 raid.

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Post image for After Orlando, a Local Artist Works to Overcome the Numbness

ORLANDO — On the morning of June 12, my phone was blowing up.

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In Brief

Artists in England Form a Union

by Claire Voon on June 21, 2016

Post image for Artists in England Form a Union

England is now home to its first trade union for artists.

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Post image for Wolfgang Tillmans Focuses on Borders and Brexit in London

LONDON — Like many other Europeans living in the UK, I am not eligible to vote in Thursday’s referendum that will decide whether Britain should leave or remain in the European Union.

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Post image for Perfume Bottles, Boats, and Shrunken Heads in a Museum of Everyday Objects

OXFORD, UK — During a recent visit to London, I took a day trip to Oxford for the sole purpose of seeing one museum: the Pitt Rivers Museum. I’d heard that viewing the collection was like entering a 19th-century Wunderkammer, and that it had an impressive collection of shrunken heads.

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Post image for Art that Exposes the Theater of Politics

CLEVELAND — In a drawing by cartoonist Edward Freska, the bald eagle that represents the United States on the country’s Great Seal is injured.

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by Hrag Vartanian on June 21, 2016

Post image for ArtRx NYC

This week, a show by renowned Dutch-Californian conceptualist Bas Jan Ader lands in Chelsea, queer book arts get a show, Staten Island’s Lumen festival returns, and more.

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Post image for Abstract Paintings that Evoke Persian Gardens and a Bloody Coup

Due to the impenetrable, illusory quality of these paintings, one doesn’t immediately associate them with covert operations, skullduggery, and violence.

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Post image for Archaeologists Discover Medieval Cities Hidden Beneath Cambodian Jungle

With the help of lasers fired at the ground from helicopters, archaeologists have revealed medieval cities hidden beneath dense jungle near the ancient temple city of Angkor Wat.

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Post image for Bringing a Sculptural Platoon of Female Soldiers to Life

DALLAS — In a downstairs gallery the Nasher Sculpture Center, Mai-Thu Perret has created an enclave for her newest sculptural figures — a band of female militants, plus one dog.

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