Andy Warhol

Post image for The Illustrated Correspondence of Artists

Before people were dropping GIFs into Gmail, letter writers were adding illustrations for that emotional or contextual punch.

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Post image for Looking for Origins of Arab Modernism in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait — The United Arab Emirates may dominate the popular image of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries today, but for most of the 20th century the region’s poster child for oil-fueled prosperity and cosmopolitan aspiration was Kuwait.

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Post image for Warhol’s Great-Niece Plans Documentary About “Uncle Andy”

Andy Warhol is one of those artists that many people love but few completely understand.

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Post image for How the 2015 ADAA Art Fair Changed My Life

It didn’t. I lied. I’m sorry. But I did like these things at the Art Dealers Association of America’s (ADAA) art fair.

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Post image for A Collaboration We Hope Only Lasts 15 Minutes: Andy Warhol and Converse Shoes

Next month, Converse will team up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to create this.

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Post image for Making Sense of NYC’s $1.5 Billion Art Auction Week

Listen up: $1.5 billion!

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An Encyclopedia of Kitsch

by Alicia Eler on September 16, 2014

Sara Cwynar's 'The Kitsch Encyclopedia,' published by Blonde Art Books

LOS ANGELES — It took a while for me to actually sit down and stop flipping through the channels and start leafing through Sara Cwynar’s gorgeous book, The Kitsch Encyclopedia.

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Warhol’s Little Red Face Book

by Alicia Eler on September 12, 2014

Post image for Warhol’s Little Red Face Book

LOS ANGELES — The name Andy Warhol is synonymous with Pop art, a movement often written off as apolitical and shallow in its engagement with American culture. Reflections of this assumption are all contained in Little Red Book #296, an album of 18 images that was recently gifted to Tulsa’s Philbrook Museum of Art.

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Jeff Koons,

Recently, I read a statement by Kenneth Turan, film critic for the LA Times, that struck a chord. As a poet and art critic, it is impossible to ignore the reams of exaggeration I am bombarded with on a daily basis, from blurbs attesting to the gorgeous mastery to be found in a young poet’s first book to the unrivaled brilliance to be encountered in an artist’s most recent exhibition.

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Marshall McLuhan in 'Annie Hall'

Today would have been Marshall McLuhan’s 103rd birthday.

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