Art Basel Miami Beach

Post image for Art Basel Miami Beach 2013: The Best Art Mall Ever

MIAMI BEACH — Here are 12 artworks or displays of note I spotted at Art Basel Miami Beach that explore the margins of art and display at the best art mall ever.

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Post image for Let Us Now Praise Famous Shills: Art Basel Preview Edition

If you aren’t already quaking with anticipation for the latest installment of Art Basel Miami Beach, you obviously don’t matter.

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Post image for One of World’s Biggest Art Collectors Charged With Insider Trading

In a statement released earlier this afternoon, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has charged Steven A. Cohen of SAC Capital with supervising, and profiting from, the insider trading of two of his employees. The move followed years of severe scrutiny for the Connecticut-based hedge fund manager and prominent art collector.

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Post image for Is it Time to Blow Up the Art Fair Model?

Occupy Museums thinks the art fair model needs to be reworked. Occupy Wall Street’s art offshoot has announced a new initiative, DebtFair, which seeks to radically deconstruct the commercial art fair. After essentially sunning themselves in a distant corner of Frieze New York last May, distributing flyers for Un-Frieze and other protest literature, the activists have decided to go for a more radical overthrow of the heavily commodified fair model. Whether or not this alternative has legs remains to be seen.

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Post image for Looking Back: What I Saw and What I Learned at Art Basel Miami Beach

Puzzled. That’s a good word to describe my state of being for my first Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB). One of the primary things I learned is that art fairs can be fun — when you’re standing on the right side of the velvet rope and you have all the right RSVPs and a prepared partinerary printed out.

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Post image for Why Slate’s Takedown of the Art World Is Totally Wrong

As a longtime reader and admirer of Slate, I’ve often lamented the fact that there’s pretty much zero visual art content on the site (although, to be fair, they’re only one of a handful of culture publications that ignores the category, and their new photo blog is great). So I was excited when I saw they had published a piece about the art world and Art Basel Miami Beach yesterday — until I read it.

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Post image for The Wonderful Global Walls of Wynwood, Miami

Thanks to the efforts of organizations such as Primary Flight and Wynwood Walls, the Wynwood district in Miami is undergoing a radical transformation through art.

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Post image for Looking at 2011 Art Basel Miami Beach Through the Prism of One Influential Painter

MIAMI — With Soutine in mind, and the world’s best galleries around me, I culled a few great works by mostly 1950s US artists that have Soutine in mind.

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WTF is… an Art Fair?

by Kyle Chayka on February 28, 2011

Post image for WTF is… an Art Fair?

Okay, so, this week is New York City’s art fair week. This may sound like a carnival replete with Ferris wheels, clowns and cotton candy, but it’s not, at least in the literal sense. An art fair is like a carnival in that there’s a lot of excess noise, visual information and people yelling over each other. But an art fair is actually a clearinghouse for art works, a pow-wow of dealers, galleries, curators and collectors that’s part tribe meeting and part shopping mall. n the US, the major players are basically Art Basel Miami Beach, a sister fair of Art Basel founded in 2002 occurring annually every December, and New York City’s Armory Show, founded in 1994 and taking place in March.

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Post image for Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, Photos from the Day After

Brooklyn-based artist Jacob Krupnick had the opportunity to spend the day after the Art Basel Miami Beach fair closed inside the convention center dodging forklifts and documenting the breakdown of the fair. “It’s that rare moment when lots of valuables are at risk and in motion,” he told me over email. “The amazing piles of crates and packing materials make it hard to pin down what, exactly, an art piece is. (One forklift operator pointed at a stack of shipping containers he’d arranged, and said without sarcasm: ‘This is my art.’)” [PHOTO SERIES]

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